The Turbo Table

The intensity was too low and the footwork in general lousy - so I invented "The Turbo Table" to speed up things a bit. Multiball practising with at least 120 balls, with me feeding. Usually two players working at the same time, with catchment net for the balls. Feeding from fast to turbo!
I made signs/posters to stick on to the table:

Academy 2008 - the academy was never approved/started.
Newsletter 2009 - start of the season/year.
Coaching Comittee - 2009 - established and later cancelled.
Coaching plan, period 1 - 2009
Coaching plan, period 2 - 2009
Coaching plan, period 3 - 2009
The Turbo Table
Coaching Clinic - 2009 - Easter Holiday week-end coaching.
All Ages Tournament
Recuitment - 2009 - drives to get new members.
"Time for a change"
- letter concerning coaching.
Coaches Workshop - 2010
- cancelled same day.

Supporting letter for Terry - from Paul Jones
Who is Terry Dahl? Information about me.