The Coaching Committee
- established and later cancelled.

To get things into a more professional way I came up with the idea of a Coaching Committee. Paul, the other coach at the moment, agreed and I sketched a paper that we presented at a board meeting after consulting TTTA-president Brian. It was accepted. Unfortunately Paul got too busy and the committee did not have an active chairperson and a proper mandate. The Coaching Committee (as well as the Development Committee and the Social/Economical Committee) was then scrapped because the management committee felt that everybody (in the management committee) in should get more involved..! I felt this was a giant step backwards. Here is the paper that was accepted:

Townsville Table Tennis Association's Coaching Committee
- here called the Coaching Committee.

Suggested Vision we are working towards:
"TTTA shall be considered the premier table tennis association in Queensland"
Suggested Mission Statement as part of Townsville Table Tennis Assoc. Inc.
"To cater for table tennis players of all levels from beginners/social players to elite, to foster friendship and responsibility and to help and support those who are aiming high to achieve their maximum as players."

The objective of the Coaching Committee is to ensure best possible coaching for the members of TTTA.

The committee shall first of all try to ensure consistent and good coaching for the players that might represent TTTA in regional and national events endorsed by TTA and TTQ, including those for juniors, seniors and veterans. The committee shall also try to ensure suitable coaching for both junior and adult beginners, and prepare players to participate in club competitions for juniors, seniors and veterans.

Members of the Committee:
The Coaching Committee shall consist of the coaches that are actively working in and for TTTA. The members might elect the chairperson among themselves, but the selection shall be approved by the management committee. The chairperson is responsible for giving feedback to TTTA on the Coaching Committee's progress and activities, as well as giving feedback from the TTTA to the committee-member.

The roles and responsibilities of the Coaching Committee are:
- Plan, organise and implement the coaching activities for the TTTA, with a view to both coaches and players.
- Plan and organise the coaching of club sessions during the week and coaching clinics.
- Plan participation in, and organise, competitions for the players.
- establish and revise selection criteria for teams (and players).
- select teams (and players) that shall represent TTTA.
- select the coaches that shall assist the teams during regional and national events endorsed by ATTA and QTTA.
- suggest players suitable to receive awards from the TTTA at the end of the season.
- identify, recruit and educate potential and additional coaches.
- strive to ensure that the coaches are following the same principles for coaching, also regarding techniques, physical fitness and discipline.
- strive to ensure that the coaches are updated on the recent development within international table tennis.
- set goals for the teams prior to the playing season; evaluate the results after the end of the season.
- assist the players in setting short and long term goals.
- work together with the Fixture Committee to ensure the fixtures are of such a standard that it can help the junior, senior and veteran representative teams and players reach their goals set for the playing season, and that the beginners and junior players will have a sound development regarding to match-play.
- identify and publish (distribute) suitable coaching material and references to coaches and players.
- develop additional coaching material.
- work with (liaison) regional and national directors of coaching, national coach.
- be prepared to help the players getting assistance from supporting bodies, like doctors and physiotherapists.
- work with the Development Committee of TTTA.

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