Junior Invitation Series 2009
- an attempt to get the juniors back.

I had been working hard to get the juniors in proper practising and to recruit new, young beginners. We managed to get quite a number of young boys and girls to our beginner's sessions but there were not enough coaches to look after them. When I came back after a visit to Norway (my parents died) they were all gone. The series was from my hand planned to be in several divisions with named existing and former junior players (established and beginners) to lure all of them back, and we should approach each one of them by phone. The management committee did not agree about the named divisions and I am not sure how many phone calls that were made. I had to go back to Norway when the series was arranged so I do not really know what happened but not many players took part as far as I know.

Academy 2008 - the academy was never approved/started.
Newsletter 2009 - start of the season/year.
Coaching Comittee - 2009 - established and later cancelled.
Coaching plan, period 1 - 2009
Coaching plan, period 2 - 2009
Coaching plan, period 3 - 2009
Turbo Table - multiball.
Coaching Clinic - 2009 - Easter Holiday week-end coaching.
All Ages Tournament
Recuitment - 2009 - drives to get new members.
"Time for a change"
- letter concerning coaching.
Coaches Workshop - 2010
- cancelled same day.

Supporting letter for Terry - from Paul Jones
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