Table Tennis Academy:
Letter to TTTA

To Townsville Table Tennis Association

North Ward, 19. August 2008.

We, Paul Jones and Terry Dahl, are very concerned for the coaching situation at the TTTA - especially with a view to the players that are keen on reaching higher level in their sport.
We would therefore like to present a plan on how to help - and attached is the sketch on our ideas. Our goal is, in short, to establish an academy to provide an opportunity for the table tennis players to achieve their maximum potential. We would like to call it: Table Tennis Academy North Queensland.

The initial set-up of Table Tennis Academy North Queensland:
1. Establishment
We suggest that the Table Tennis Academy North Queensland is approved by the TTTA at the meeting on 21. August 2008, as sketched and with an immediately start.
We suggest that the sub-committee, the Academy-committee, shall consist of the following members: Terry Dahl, Paul Jones and Steven Fielding. Dahl and Jones in the capacity as the Academy-coaches and Fielding as a member of the TTTA-managament committee.
2. Coaching/clinics
The Academy will be run as an addition to existing weekly coaching programs and private coaching - and as a start as a clinic on Sundays.
Invitation to players will be made and handed/send out.
3. Venue
We suggest that the Academy can use tables in TTTA-venue. To make the expenses less for the players we would like to suggest that the Academy can use the venue and an agreed number of tables free of costs. We would like to suggest a use of up to five tables.
4. Costs.
The costs of participating in high-level academies in other sports are quite high but we are hoping to keep the fees reasonably low - like 20 dollars for a Sunday-clinic of 2x1,5 hrs.
5. Players
We are mainly aiming to help the TTTA-players, but we would sometimes also like to invite keen players from other associations/clubs in North Queensland. They will have to pay a TTTA membership fee.

We hope that you find that our suggestion will be beneficial to TTTA, and that we can get a positive "go-ahead!".


Terry Dahl Paul Jones

Attached: The plan for Table Tennis Academy North Queensland

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