13 December 2009

3. International table tennis coaching
- methods and structure
- season planning, goal-setting
- physical training

Methods and structure
China, table tennis school training - here
China, national squad training - here
China, video table tennis school attitude-training - here
China/Norwegians, video multiball training - here
Norway, training in Fokus BTK - here 15 (or Terry).
Letter from Norwegian girl training in China - here
Letter from Norwegians training in Rumenia - here
Letter from Norwegians training in Scandinavian camp - here.
Group training - all over the word, Terry's letter - here.
Group training - all European top players, Norwegian coach Jan Bergersen - here.
Group training -interview former Australian National coach Marcus Gustavsson - here.

Forehand-loop training Ma Lin - here
Forehand-loop training Asian style - here
Forehand-loop training Australia - here
Backhand-loop training Australia - here
Forehand counter loop training - here
Ma Lin serves - here

Technican aspects:
"80 % of the technical mistakes we observe in the arm are coming from the legs."
, says Danish/Norwegian national coach - here.
"Forehand counter hitting and smash is long gone".
"The main reason that the Chinese are winning is that they are extremely fast to recover with the racket".

The aspect of number of players, age and so on:
"It takes 500 kids to find one talent"
"Girls drops out like flies when turing 15"
"They just want to have fun"
"They have to concentrate on their school work"
"They should start very young, but the talents are all fast taken"
"Many of the world champions started playing in our pre-school"
"She was selected for school's tennis team, so no time for table tennis now!"
"Table tennis is something you do in your garage on rainy days"

Season planning, goal-setting
Christer Johansson - the first in table tennis (when in Sweden) - very good book.
The Norwegian problem:
I did season planning for the players in association - but the Norwegian national body called in my players to coaching clinics when they were supposed to have rest-periods. I lost my most promising junior player because of this, he burned out. So I finally had to withdraw my players from the national squads/teams, more than half the players on all levels! They finally learned.

Physical training

China - video from table tennis school - here
Fitness training - a paper from Terry on fitness training for tennis players - here.

"Waldner and Persson are still good because they did a lot of physical training as young."