13 December 2009

Jan Bergersen about coaching:

Group coaching has produced all the top players in Europe, so it should not be difficult to understand the value of group coaching. It might take some time to reach an acceptable level (learn the basics) but from there you have to play with many different players and learn from each other!

(Jan Bergersen is the Norwegian national coach for the disabled and coach in/for Norway's largest and best association.

Jan Bergersen about Terry and his visit to Norway 2009:

Terje Dahl has recently been in Norway. There he contacted the best club in Norway, Fokus. Terje is still having his old reputation, he has made a lot of players norwegian champions! So off course we let him into the training with the other national team coaches. We used Terje as a coach for young players and also players on the norwegian national team. It was great for us to see him with the players and we realized that he was still a good coach with all the great ideas, but also that he had been followed the tabletennis development, with a mix between group and multiball training. Especially the group training was very good with much variation in excersises and good contact with the players! I really hope there is a club in Australia who can take benefit on his great knowledge in Tabletennis.
Jan Bergersen, coach Fokus Tabletennis club and norwegian national coach!


Vel gruppetrening har fått frem alle europas toppspillere, så det er noe de burde forstå. det tar nok kanskje litt tid å komme opp på et brukbart nivå, men derfra er du nødt til å trene med mangee forskjellige spillere og lære av hverandre!
Facebook 13. desember 2009