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Objectives, rules and Action Plan
To be considered the best table tennis association in Queensland.

To help table tennis players of all races and backgrounds to achieve their maximum potential
- first of all athletically, but also educationally and as individuals.

- First of all to involve children in table tennis as a sport, with emphasis on fitness and competitive skills
- To give the children, and also their parents, a positive feeling of social belonging to a sound, safe and pleasant environment
- Attract and look after children with indigenous background as well as other children.
- Also be an attractive alternative for adult players
- To be a better alternative because of better coaching, better competitions and better ability to look after the players

The Academy shall strive for the highest level of professionalism
The Academy will strive to operate its programs at the highest competitive levels while simultaneously providing athletes with stimulating programs and sound support services.
Through training and competitive activities, the Academy hopes to teach several values: An appreciation for the benefits of hard work, motivation, and perseverance in both winning and losing situations; a sense of group loyalty and the ability to work as a team; a feeling of pride in accomplishment through fair and honest means; an appreciation for cultural diversity, human development and learning; and a sense of good sportsmanship and a high level of personal integrity and ethical conduct.
Through competitions and national and international exchanges the Academy shall strive to provide the athletes with the opportunity to test themselves against, and learn from, the best in their sport.
The Academy will strive to help the athletes in their personal environment besides the sport, and also work to bring positive recognition for their sport and the Academy at local, regional and national levels.
Selection criteria:
There are no specific selection criteria for established players to become a member of the Academy, but they must understand, and commit to, the adherence criteria. The Academy is first of all for the athletes that are seriously aiming to achieve their maximum potential in their sport. Acceptance will be at the discretion of the head coach.
Everybody is welcome to join in beginners courses but these shall be primarily for children at primary school age.
Adherence criteria:
To be a member of the Academy the athletes must fulfil the following criteria:
- display discipline and good work ethics
- display positive attitude
- display honesty, integrity and good sportsmanship
- display understanding of personal responsibility and what it takes to achieve set goals
- participate in the activities/training programmes with keen interest and top effort
- always follow instruction and listen to advice from the coaches
- be part of the Academy coaching squads and not engage in private coaching unless under special circumstances approved by the head coach
The athletes must also understand that the way to achieve their maximum potential will include self-motivation, willingness to sacrifice, willingness to develop planning and time management skills, maturity and competitive nature.
Continuance in the Academy will be at the discretion of the head coach in cooperation with the other coaches and the management committee. They will advise the athletes what is needed with a view to the above, and what reactions they can expect if they behave in an unacceptable way.
For participants at the beginners courses a positive experience with the sport of table tennis is the most important but they must also to a certain degree follow the general criteria, again at the discretion of the head coach in cooperation with the other coaches and the management committee.
The Academy shall be a non-profit organisation. Fees from beginner courses, coaching, tournaments and other activities shall be set aside to cover cost necessary expenses; like rental of the venue, stationary and trophies. Money from income generation activities like raffles and garage sales, and income from sponsors, shall be set aside to assist the Academy players; like to cover part of the expenses in connection to travel to tournaments and other activities.
The members of the management committee shall be volunteers.
All coaching shall be conducted in squads. None of the Academy coaches shall offer or engage the Academy players in private coaching. Extra training/coaching for small groups or single players can be considered but this shall always come as an addition to squad training. Such activities shall be approved by the head coach.
Head coach:
The head coach is responsible for the organizing of coaching activities. He will make all decisions regarding coaching and coaches. The head coach shall assist other coaches in their work and make sure they are upgraded on resent development in table tennis nationally and internationally.
The head coach shall get all possible support from the management committee of the Academy. The head coach shall set goals for the season - when it comes to results in championships and in general - and the goals shall be measurable. He shall also select teams and players to special events like school and shopping mall demonstrations. The head coach shall present quarterly reports to the management committee.
Other coaches:
Other coaches shall confer with the head coach when it comes to coaching principles in general, and also techniques and tactics in the sports of table tennis. The coaches shall also confer with the head coach before helping the players with their techniques and tactics. All coaches must remember to have a Blue Card.
The head coach shall be responsible for selecting teams and players to tournaments and other activities. The head coach should seek advice from other coaches but will have the final word.
Goals and evaluation:
The head coach shall be responsible for setting goals prior to each season, when it comes to results in championships and other major events. Again; The head coach should seek advice from other coaches but will have the final word.
Evaluation shall be done by the head coach after championships and at the end of the season and written reports presented to the management committee.
The Academy shall always take the social element into consideration in it's activities. Not as a substitute to efficient and good training but as a part and an addition. The Academy shall strive to make the players feel they belong to a positive environment - that they are a group of good friends:
- the players shall practise together in squads
- there shall be breaks during the coaching session where the players can socialise
- there shall be social activities after training sessions and also besides the sessions
- the players shall travel together to tournaments when this is feasible
- the players shall live at the same place during tournaments when this is feasible
- the players shall stay together and support each other during tournaments
The Academy shall also strive for cooperation with other associations, with a view to training and competitions - and the social element is here important.
The Academy, often through the coaches, shall help the players understand the concept of time management and also help the player to get support from their environment - like family, school/university, work and friends besides table tennis.
The Academy shall strive to keep the membership fees and coaching fees as low as possible, and to involve the parents in money generating, administrative and social activities.

All Academy members/players automatically agree to that their pictures can used in digital and printed media in connection with the Academy's activities without notice - otherwise they will have to inform the committee.

Action Plan
- with goals and actions:

Short term - December 2010 and January 2011:
- meeting with Sport and Recreation Officer and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander   Officer.
- the club shall be established with a small management committee.
- find temporary venue(s) for fixtures, competitions, series and practising
- find tables, nets, rackets, balls, barriers
- incorporate, affiliate with TTQ
- search for sponsors, apply for grants
- start looking for players that can play in the teams 2011 (on all levels to the   Queensland championships both for male and female).
- find an assistant coach for the beginners.
- invite beginners from schools
- invite beginners through indigenous channels.
- PR, demo in schools
- PR, demo in shopping malls
- PR, article in the Bulletin
- PR, article in the Sun
- PR, article in Sports & Lifestyle
- PR, items in the local radio stations
- PR, items in the local TV stations (like "Cowboys-challenge")
- Weekend coaching clinic and tournaments 22-23 January
Medium term - rest of 2011:
- coaching sessions once a week for beginners and competition players.
- fixtures once a week for beginners and competition players.
- challenge-matches (like against TTTA and Cairns)
- team series (league) against TTTA running through the year
- at least 20 boys and girls for beginners, and at least 10 players on competitive
- have team to the Queensland championships for boys U13
- win a medal in the Queensland championships for boys U13
- find more members to the board
- keep an eye on a more permanent venue.
Longer term - towards 2015:
- permanent venue to use every day.
- have teams on all levels to the Queensland championships both male and female:   U13, U15, U18, Seniors, Veterans,
- win medals for all teams.
- be Queensland's largest and best association.
- have board members educated in sports administration
- review vision and mission statement
- set new goals.