Fees 2011
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Objectives & Rules

Membership fees
Academy membership only: $10 a year.

Affiliations fees (QTT/ATT) 2012
Level One - Social - $13.20
Provides access to the local club as a casual or regular social player.
Perfect for those who like to have a hit occasionally but do not want
to commit to a regular fixture.
Level Two - Club/Tournament - $49.50, concession (jrs/srs) $41.80
Allows a player to compete in club fixtures and events, inter-club competitions,
all Association Open tournaments and State championships
Level Three - Representative - $92.40, concession $79.20
Allows a player to represent Queensland or Australia at
National and International championships


Coaching fees 2012
Beginners' course: $70dollars for 11 weeks Term 3, 1 hour one day in a week, 3.30 to 4.30 pm. Paid first or second time. Beginners joining after the course has started will pay for the remaining sessions of the course. Families with two or more members joining a beginners' course will get a rebate of 10 percent for the second/third child.
Fixtures/coaching: $44 dollars for 11 weeks (Term3), 2 1/2 hours one day in a week. Paid at start. Players joining after the Fixtire period has started will pay for the remaining sessions of the period. No refund will be given to players missing out on sessions.
(The Fixtures/coaching will be at Terry's house. 1 Howitt, Thursdays from 3.30-6 pm.)