I am looking at the Denisova hominins and who they were!

Were the Denisovans the giants of Skull of modern human and  denisovan.the ancient world?
Research in resent years has showed that we once have had several species of humans. One of them was the Denisova hominins. Even if we not know for sure how tall they were they seem to have been taller than us Homo sapiens. Might be the Denisovans were the giants of ancient times?

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I started my webpages about giants in 2006.
The reason was that I during my research for my Norwegian internet-magazine Sydhav ("South Seas") came across so many legends about giants.
    I had many years earlier sailed to the Pacific singlehanded in my yacht Coco Loco, and for almost four years I visited islands where they hardly had seen a white man. I later lived some years in Tuvalu, Kiribati and Fiji, but then I returned to Norway where I was born. And back in the cold country wanted to inform the Norwegian people about the islands and the fascinating culture.
Thor Heyerdahl
Thor Heyerdahl

Thor Heyerdahl
My countryman Thor Heyerdahl had sailed his balsa raft Kon-Tiki 6.900 km (4.300 miles) from Peru to Raroia, an island in the Tuamotu group in Polynesia, in 1947. He wanted to prove that people from South America had visited the Pacific islands before the European explorers. Heyerdahl had on earlier visits seen ancient stone statues on so many islands, and everywhere he was told that they depicted tall gods that had visited them.
     I had also seen stone statues on many islands and was everywhere I was as him told that they depicted visiting gods - giants. So I got interested in this phenomenon and back in Norway tried to follow up Heyerdahl's research as good as I could. And with so much information on the internet I did not have to travel.
Newspaper about gian.
Newspaper about giant
There were heaps of old newspaper articles about giants, plus magazines that write about ancient history and mysteries. I contacted museums and archeologists on the internet to learn even more about the ancient human giants that seemed to have lived. It was difficult to get answers, and I was also surprised when a well-respected Norwegian archaeologist told me that my research could be dangerous - without wanting to say why. It seems like it should kept a secret that human giants have existed.
Royal family
Well, I kept on doing my research, and I learned that the very tall royal family of Tonga believed that they descended
Royal of Fiji
Royal of Fiji
from the gods that had visited their country. They married within the family to keep the blood after them. And I also discovered that the tall people of Bau in Fiji used to be the kings of the country before it became a republic. Also they clamed that they had blood from the visiting gods.
    Yes, I discovered that this phenomena can be found almost all over the world: About everywhere you can find legends about tall, light skinned and often blond haired male gods that came from across the sea. They started the development of what we call civilization. Built megalithic buildings and walls, - and then disappeared. Their children with local women often became the rulers/kings.
The Bible
Yes, even in the Christian Bible you can read the following: "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown". In the original scriptures it was written in plural: "Sons of the Gods." Yes, there were more than 30 gods in the Hebrew bible! And it seems that these gods did not live in a theological heaven but up on a mountain!
Jim Vieira "The Giant Curse"
Jim Vieira - Giant Curse
Terje in hospital
Terje in hospital
History Channel
During my research I got in contact with Jim Vieira in USA who had collected hundreds of old newspaper articles about human giants. He was a stonemason and wondered how somebody could manage to make all the megaliths in ancient times.
     In 2014 the TV-channel History Channel started to make a series called "Search for the lost giants" and I was invited to come with Jim and his brother Bill to the Catalina Islands outside the coast of California to look at some giant bones supposedly found there.
     When I disembarked the plane in Los Angeles I collapsed but was lucky that the crew saw me falling and came running with oxygen. Four days in hospital.     So no Catalina Island for me: They filmed me in a hospital bed and called the episode: "The Giant Curse". Well, I do not believe in curses. The fact is that somebody had tipped a table tennis table on my legs just before I left Australia, and that blood-clots had moved from my legs to my lungs when the plane descended for landing. Tennis star Serena Williams had experienced the same.
Human family tree
Human family tree
Denisova cave in Siberia
Even if I did not manage to look for giant bones in the USA I kept on doing my research and write articles about giants and ancient history.
     In 2010 I came across an article about the Swedish geneticist Svante Pääbo who had managed to sequence DNA from piece of a finger bone found in a cave in Siberia two years earlier. He was surprised that they belonged to an unknown human species.
     The species was named Denisova hominins after the cave, or just Denisovans. They archeologists also had found three Denisovan teeth: Molars so large that they at first thought they had belonged to cave beer. Later also a part of a Denisova skull has been found at another place and also a jawbone. All so large that it seems that the Denisovans must have been very tall - taller than the first Homo sapiens, us humans. And with a much larger brain might be their intelligent capacity was way ahead of us?
Denisova cane and findings
Denisova cave
Denisova needle

Denisova needle

Denny - mixed heritage
"Denny" - mixed heritage
Polished bracelet
Other findings in the Denisova cave were also very surprising: A polished bracelet of chloritolite stone, with a hole made with a spinning drill, And also a tiara and a ring made of ivory. Plus heaps of tiny beads made of ostrich eggshells - at a time where the ostriches lived more than thousand kilometers away!
     Traces of DNA of a horse was also found. Plus a seven centimeter polished needle with eyehole for a tread at one end. Even a stone that seems to have been used as a pencil was found, plus a bone whistle that might have been part of a flute! The Denisovans must have had a much more advanced technology than us humans at that time.
Went extinct
It was earlier believed that the Denisovans went extinct about 50.000 years ago. Radiocarbon dating in 2019 of sediments found in the cave dates up to more than 200.000 years ago. When it comes to the first modern humans - the mainstream theory is that we started moving out from Africa 70.000-100.000 years ago, and that we developed the capacity for language about 50.000 years ago.
    We did not play flutes or ride horses, so what has happened? Well, resent research points to that not only the Denisovans had visited the cave in Siberia but also Neanderthals and early Homo sapiens - and that all three species interbred.
The Denisovans shall, as mentioned, have gone extinct about 50.000 years ago and the Neanderthals about 40.000 years ago. But you can still find Denisova DNA in people living today. Not in Siberia, Asia or Europe, but scientists have found that Melanesian people of Papua New Guinea has up to 6 percent of their genes from Denisovans and Australian aboriginal people has 3-5 percent Denisova DNA!
Stone in wall, Cusco, Peru
Stone in wall, Cusco, Peru
Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico
Pyramid, Mexico
Ancient megaliths
All over the world you can find ancient megaliths: Buildings and walls that we hardly will be able to copy today with our modern tools. The ancients were supposed to have tools able to cut, form move and place blocks of basalt or granite. But without tools able to do it, they are said to only have hammer stones and chisels of soft copper!!
    The most visible ancient buildings are of course the pyramids, and the most famous are the pyramids of Egypt. But we find also huge pyramids in Mexico and Peru on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Thor Heyerdahl rebuilt ancient pyramids on the Canary Island off the coast of northwestern Africa and also traveled to see a pyramid in Samoa in the South Pacific. We have recently discovered what seem to be pyramids in Bosnia in Europe and also in Indonesia.
Sacsayhuamán walls
Sacsayhuamán walls
Walls in Peru
Let us take a look at the Sacsayhuamán walls outside the city of Cusco in Peru. These impressive walls are said to have been made by the Inca-Indians in the 15th century AD but the Inca themselves refutes this. They say that the walls and many of the other ancient megaliths of Peru were made by a race of giant humans/gods that lived long, long before them.
     The current theory is that the walls were forts, but who would make a fort almost 4000 meters (12.000 feet) up in the mountains, with walls that could easy be captured by enemies coming from the backside?
The Great Pyramid
The Great Pyramid
The Great Pyramid
The most famous and tallest pyramid in Egypt is the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is said to have been built as a tomb for pharaoh Khufu (Cheops), who shall have reigned from 2589 to 2566 BC. Well, there is a granite coffer inside the so-called King's chamber but no mummy or bones. The passages inside the pyramid are too narrow to transport a sarcophagus to the chamber, and salt found inside and outside the pyramid, halfway to the top points to that it might be much, much older. Might be it was the legendary "benben" - a mound that should have arisen from the primordial water?
Gods and pharaohs, Egypt
Gods and pharaohs, Egypt
Greek gods
Greek gods
In 820 AD the sultan El-Rashid Al Ma'mum wanted to open the Great Pyramid. He had heard that it was made by superhuman beings called Sheddai, giants that had stored a great treasure inside the pyramid. He shall have managed to make a tunnel where the opening to the pyramid is today but it is not known if he found a treasure. Might be his diggers got too scared and left when a rock reportedly fell down besides them?
Everywhere in the world you can find stories of human giants that shall have lived in ancient times. Some are modern fairytales like Jack and the Beanstalk but the question is if many of the legends might have basis in true events. Like the war between the gods and the titans in Greece and the battle between the gods and the fire giants in Norse mythology. With no written language the important events were told from father to son: The legends were their history books!
Human looking
Everywhere you will find legends of gods that turned up and helped the local people to develop their civilization. They were human looking, very tall and with white skin and most often blond or reddish hair. They were the ones behind so many of the megalithic structures - like pyramids in Egypt and Mexico. They had children with the local women, and their descendants most often became the kings. And then they disappeared. Some say they were aliens from outer space - but what if they were Denisova giants from Siberia?
Might be human ancient history is wrong? Could these tall gods that became kings have been Denisovans? Well, since we find Denisova DNA all the way to Australia then they or their hybrid descendants must have left the Altai Mountains of Siberia. Might be some of them traveled eastwards, sailed over the Pacific Ocean and ended up as giant kings in the mounds of USA? Might be others traveled westwards - and became the first pharaohs of Egypt? Might be they already before they left had developed an advanced technology - might be even more advanced than we have today, even if different? Might be they had the "magical" tool Shamir that could cut, form and lift large blocks of hard stone?
Skullcap from Mongolia
Schytian rider, gold
Tarim mummyTarim mummy
Tarim mummies
Heidelbergensis, Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon
Heidelbergensis, Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon
Fridjof Nansen
Fridjof Nansen
Heyerdahl and Azov-findings
Heyerdahl - Azov-items
Burial mound of Odin
Burial mound of Odin
Sacsayhuamán walls
Giant king, Peru
Lee Berger and giant bone
Lee Berger and giant bone
Bones of Borjomi (normal bone in the middle)
Bones of Borjomi (normal bone in the middle)
There were people with advanced technology close to Siberia thousands of years ago. Like the Kurgans who conquered much of South Asian and Europe between 35.00 and 2500 BC, and made large burial mounds. And the Scythians who dominated the northern area from the Black Sea and far eastwards between 7th to the 3rd century BC. The Scythians rode horses, made delicate jewelry of gold and their clothing was elaborate. The ancient Greek historians believed that the Scythians were the oldest people on Earth.
Tarim mummies
Very interesting are the Tarim mummies that were found on the Xinjian-steppe in the very northeastern part of China. The "mummies" are extremely well preserved frozen bodies. The earliest bodies are dated to 1800 BC.
     An old Chinese book describes people of great height, long noses, red or blond hair and blue eyes living in the area. And the mummies show exactly that: They look like the people of Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark)! But still many traditional scholars do not want to hear about it: The Xinjian-steppe is too far away from Europe, they claim. But what about the Denisovans or their hybrid descendants? The Denisova cave is not that far away!
Cro-Magnons were much taller and had brains that were far larger than modern humans. They were earlier believe to have been a seperat species of Homo sapiens, but the scholars have changed their minds. They are now believed to have been just tall modern humans. Descendants of Denisova hybrids?
Fridtjof Nansen
Thor Heyerdahl wrote the following in his Norwegian book "No Boundaries" "Ingen Grenser": "It never occurred to Nansen that Caucasus could have been our ancestors' original homeland."
    The Norwegian Peace Prize winner, explorer, scientist and diplomat Fridtjof Nansen (the first person to cross Greenland by skies, in 1888) had visited the Caucasus Mountains and was
surprised to find tall, white-skinned and European looking people there.
Odin and Heyerdahl
Heyerdahl himself did a series of archaeological excavations in Azov in Ukraine, at the northeastern tip of the Black Sea. He wanted to prove that what the Icelandic historian Snorre Stulason (1179-1241) had written about the royal dynasties of the 13th century was based on historical facts and not myths: That a person driven from the Azov-area by the expanding Romans had taken the name of the Norse god Odin to get the goodwill of the Norwegian people, might be even get treated like a god. That the tall and white skinned royal families of Norway could be descended from him.
    Thor Heyerdahl's team dug up thousands of artifacts, but Heyerdahl passed away (in 2002) - and with him also the archaeological project.
Tall kings of Mesopotamia
There are so many legends, depictions and historical descriptions of tall kings in ancient time. Like Xerxes the Great, who ruled the first Persian Empire from 486 to 465 BC. His kingdom stretched from the Balkans in Europe to the Indus Valley of northern India. Xerxes was described to be almost 2.50 meter (8 feet) tall! Like Khasekhemui, the pharaoh who ruled Egypt about 2690 BC. - he was also almost 2.50 meter tall! Or king Gilgamesh, who ruled Uruk in Mesopotamia sometimes between 2700 and 2500 BC. He was said to be two-thirds god and one-third human. Some legends say he was about 5 meter (18 feet) tall but depictions often shows him a bit shorter!
Almost three meters
Also the kings on the other side of the world were very tall an ancient days. In a now closed private gold museum in Peru you could see the mummified head of a local king. The head is almost twice as big as normal and a golden tunic not supposed to touch the floor is more than 2.5 meter (8 feet) tall. The king must have been almost three meters (nine and a half feet) tall!
Fossilized bones South Africa
I learned that the paleoanthropologist Lee Berger living in in South America had found fossilized bones that had belong to a human species routinely taller than two meters (more than 7 feet): - These individuals are extraordinary, they are giants, is what he said. Well, his discovery of the tiny human species Australopithecus sediba made him a professor, but his descriptions in 2007 of giants seem to be kept out of his résumé and research papers!
Giant bones Caucasus
I also learned that giant bones had been found in Borjomi, in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia, just east of the Black Sea. This giant seemed to have been 2,50 to 3 meters tall (9-10 feet). The editor of the World Geographic Internet magazine confirmed the finding when I asked by email.
Denisovans or not - do you have information?
As you might have noticed: The giants I am talking about are not the giants from the fairy tales. Not the enormous giant from "Jack and the Beanstalk" or the mountain trolls of Norway. They were more like the ancient heroes of Greece, the Sumerian living gods/kings and the first pharaohs of Egypt. Human looking, but about half a meter (a bit more than one and a half feet) taller than the ordinary people. They seems to have had a knowledge that the societies of the time did not have. And might be tools like the magic Shamir that could cut, shape the hardest rock, even diamonds! And also move large rocks with ease!
Not humans
I mentioned earlier that I have tried to get information archaeologists at the museums without much luck. Are they afraid of loosing their jobs?
Might be it is some truth to the persisting story that the Smithsonian in the USA have destroyed a large number of giants skeletons?
    Are we not supposed to know about the Denisovans and their possible influence on our history and development - might be because they were not humans like us?

Terje Dahl

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