Old newspaper articles are serious about giant skeletons.

It seemed to be quite "normal" to find bones of giants in the USA when the first settlers dug ancient mounds to prepare for roads, gardens and buildings. I have found quite a lot of old newspaper articles - and here are some samples:

Long article from Wisconsin mound - click here
Article "The early american giant" - click here

Read my article - click here

San Diego Union 1947

Athens, Pensylvania

To search Library of Congress for digitalized newspaper articles for more about giants - click here!


Jim Vieira and Micah Ewers in the USA have now collected more than 1,500 articles/reports of giants in newspapers and journals:
Micah Ewers's "Micah E Giantology" - click
Jim Vieira's "Stone Builders, Mound Builders and the Giants of Ancient America" - click

More on the North American giants: "Holocaust of Giants - The Great Smithsonian Cover-up" click here !
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