Carried Away (The Octoblues)
Dont Call It A Night
Lost Property
Run For Your Life
The Sea Of Life
Too Young
Will I Ever Find You

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Terje i Coco Loco "Lost Property" er en samling av sanger jeg laget da jeg besøkte øya Pohnpei (Ponape) i Mikronesia i min seilbåt Coco Loco i 1986.
Jeg tror den som sangene handler om ble gift med presidenten i landet og nå eier baren/hotellet jeg synger om!
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This feeling I've got is so terribly bad
So please leave me alone
I wanna sit here just drinking my beer
Getting drunk and go home

Lost property - that's what I am
I don't know where I belong
You have lost me - please come and find me
I am lost, lost property

Of course it is love that has broken my heart
But perhaps you will know
That when you loose someone you die for a while
Cheers' bartender - please two more beers!

I will empty my glass, try to leave from this bar
Time to find my lonely bed
I think I'll manage to sleep well tonight
Cheers, thanks to these beers


Sitting here just beating time, sipping to a glass of wine
Lighting one more cigarette, thinking of this girl I met
Must forget her, find a new
Yes, I think that's what I'll do

Tomorrow, I'll go out dancing
Tomorrow I do much better, if I just could forget her

Met this girl in Ocean View
The bar was old, but I was new
When I'd finished my fifth beer
Then I saw her sitting there
I asked: Do you want to dance?
And she said: Yes. I think I'll take the chance

We went home to my place
And she stayed for several days
Then one morning she was gone, what the heck is going on?
Yes, she left me, she found a new, she always does in Ocean View



I'm sorry for the things I said
I really did not know
that everything would be this way
that my heart would overflow
I thought that you were all too young
or I was much too old
but Lucy since you left me
my life has been so cold

Don't call it a night, don't go tonight
Don't call it a night, don't go tonight

Meaningless, meaningless, meaningless
How could I turn away?
How could I look for someone else
and tell you, you could not stay
I ask you Lucy, please forgive me
Please come back to me
I'll never hide my love again for you
for you for you for you for you

Please don't leave me alone
don't go away
Don't leave me no more
just say you will stay



Run, baby, run
Don't you see his gun?
He is coming now and it's you that he is after
He might hit you once he might hit you twice
But this should come as no surprise
'cause you where the one to kill his soul

Run for your life
Take my advice
Get on your feet and start to run, run, run, run, run

Run, baby, run
Remember what you've done
When you play with men the stakes are high
Most times you win but sometimes you loose
So this time just put on your shoes
Before he finds out where you're hiding

Run, baby, run
Get out of my bed
This time your tears will fool no one
I helped you once I helped you twice
But prison was not very nice
So this time you're on your own

(Too late, baby, here he is already. Fast, under the bed! Hey man….what are you doing in this room? What are you looking at me like that for? Put away that gun! Don't point that gun at me. I never did you any harm! No…no…don't shoot me. I'm not to blame! No, please….! Nooooo!)





Sail with me, on the sea of life
Towards endless horizons, everything will be all right
Let's forget all our problems, let's throw them over board
Let's by ourselves some new dreams
Because that we can afford

Sail away with me, and I will sail with you
Together we can fight the storms and make a dream come true
Let's sail away, lets sail away

Many times the sea was too rough
We were shipwrecked in emotions, but pretended to be tough
Let's put up some new sails
Let the breeze take us away
Let's set out on a straight course, for a new and better day

So here we are, standing on the shore
Give me your hand, and I will give you more
The ship is waiting, the tide is getting high
Let's swim out hand in hand - or is this the last goodbye?



No, I cannot say
It's just a feeling I've got today
That when I open the door
There'll be a note on the floor
Saying you are gone

I'll find you gone, gone for good
I knew that you'd leave me. I knew that you would
I was treating you good, as good as I could
But you were too young, yes I knew I did wrong
But my feelings wouldn't leave you alone
No, my feelings wouldn't leave you alone
Too young

Yes, it's so sad
I should have known it would end bad
But when you captured my heart
There was no way too be smart
I just had to hold on

Goodbye, my love
Have a good time, anyhow
And if you think of me tonight
I hope you'll feel that you did right
That you are too young



You're so cute, you're so sweet
the prettiest girl a man can meet
When you walk across the dance-floor I really get carried away
I'm on my feet baby, I want to dance real tight
For you're so heavenly, my eyes delight

You're so cute, you're so sweet
The prettiest elephant a man can meet
when we dance though the jungle I really get carried away
But watch your feet, baby, when we dance real tight
For you're so heavy, my ten tons delight

You're so cute, you're so sweet
The heaviest Oldsmobile a man can meet
When you hit me on the main-street I really got carried away
Tried to get on my feet, but you hit real tight
I'm still in hospital, every doctors delight

You're so cute, you're so sweet
The horniest octopus anybody can meet
When you take me in your arms I really get carried away
cause you're all over, and you suck real tight
Yes' I've get the feeling, you're a nymphomaniacs delight



Free at last, so here I go again
looking for another girl to break my heart
what can I say, what can I do
I wonder, will I ever find you.

So I sing, la-la-la, the hard times are gone
la-la-la, now it's only, only the bad times, bad times to come

It takes some time to forget, yes, I know
this time I thought it'd take forever
but here I am, just feeling sad
and so tired of these feelings turning bad

How can it be, love is fooling you and me
sometimes I find you, but then you walk away
or you meet me, and then I'm gone
is it impossible for both of us to turn on?



©Terje Dahl 2000.