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Recipes from paradise:

Impress your girlfriend? Invite good friends? - Or just feel like something else than the regular pizza? Well, then itís about time to try some food from the South Pacific! 

- fish marinated in coconut-milk.

Raw, marinated fish is good!
Never tasted raw fish? Well, let me just remind you about the anchovies on your pizza!
OK, let's go! Buy some fish-fillets, frozen or fresh, cut into cubes. Put the cubes in a bowl with some lemon-juice and let them rest in the fridge for a few hours. 

In advance you have wisely bought a can of coconut-milk, - not so difficult to find in better grocery-stores these days. Mix the coconut-milk with some more lemon-juice, a chopped onion, a little salt and pepper. A clove of garlic, chopped or squeezed, will add a little extra taste!
Drop the fish-cubes into this marinade, mix and pour the lot into a nice dish. Use your fantasy, decorate with some parsley and a slice of lemon. 
Serve with rice or French loaf. 
Thatís it! 

A hint or two:
Afraid you will loose a friend or two? Just serve the marinated fish as a starter. Youíll be a big success! 

If you want to get into the real South Pacific mood you will of course have to eat with your fingers, sitting cross-legged on the floor. Candlelight and a good white-wine, or cold beer, will do the rest! 

- spicy marinated fish.

Letís have another recipe on marinated fish while we are at it! 
As with the first one you will need some fish-fillets, frozen or fresh, cut into cubes. Put the cubes in a bowl with some lemon-juice and let them rest in the fridge for a few hours. 
Stir a little soy-sauce into a large cup of tomato-sauce or ketchup. Add a few drops of Tabasco-sauce, or finely chopped fresh chili or chili-powder. If you are smart, add a little more, if you are brave add quite a lot. If you are stupid - leave it out! 

The add some finely chopped onion, and/or garlic. Splash in a little more lemon-juice. Find a nice dish, throw everything in and decorate! 
French loaf or rice. 

A hint or two: 
Make a little of each dish, itís made from the same basic recipe!

- the popular ďCurryĒ of the South Pacific!

Not really keen on fish, but got some frozen chicken in the fridge? 
Well, unfreeze it, slice away the bones and cut the meat into large cubes.
Put some chopped onion, together with the chicken, into a medium hot frying-pan with a little oil. Add cubes of a potato and slices of a carrot or two. And throw in two finely chopped cloves of garlic, a teaspoon curry a teaspoon chili-powder, a teaspoon turmeric, a teaspoon finely chopped ginger or ginger-powder, a teaspoon mustard-seeds, a teaspoon cinnamon or two centimeters of cinnamon-stick, a teaspoon cumin, a little salt and about two cups of water. 
If you have some fennel-seeds and/or so-called curry-leaves, throw them in as well!! 
Cook for about half an hour, until everything is tender. 
Serve with rice. 
Plenty spices? Sure, but itís the spices that does it!

A hint or two: 
Those who just loves to gnaw and suck might pull out the meat-chopper instead of cutting away the bones! 
You can also try to change the chicken with pork or beef.
In some countries they eat the curry with roti, pulling of pieces and wrapping them around the food with their fingers as a kind of pincher! 

More recipes? Send me an E-mail: terje@sydhav.no