13 December 2009

6. The table tennis coach (in Australia and overseas)
- skill-level and education
- environment
- motivation

Skill-level and education
"Sweden used to have many good coaches"
Question: Why don't thay have it any more?

Level 1, 2 and 3 education in most countries. Australia is using the Swedish model (who developed a Japanese model further ).

"A good coach must be responsible, creative and interested in the sports and the players."
"A good coach must be a good player."
"It is extremely important that a player trust his coach"
"Too many cooks spoil the food."
What is a coach's environment like? Draw it on the white-board.

What makes a coach motivated (money, travel, friends, success..)?
What makes a coach quit?

Terry Dahl - who is he? Here.
Paul Jones letter of support. Here.