Invitation Tournament 2012

We did unfortunately not manage to secure a venue that qualifies to hold an open championships under TTQ regulations but we will still like to invite your players to take part in our tournament 10-11 March.

Venue: Belgian Gardens School Multipurpose Hall, 43 Potts Street.

Saturday 10 March:

12:00 pm:
U-11 teams boys (BT11) and girls (GT11).
U-13 teams boys (BT13) and girls (GT13).
U-15 teams boys (BT15) and girls (GT15).
U-18 teams boys (BT18) and girls (GT18).
U-21 teams boys (BT21) and girls (GT21).
1.30 pm:
Senior teams men (STM) and women (STW).
O-40 teams men (MT40) and women (WT40).
O-50 teams men (MT50) and women (WT50).
O-60 teams men (MT60) and women (WT60).
O-70 teams men (MT70) and women (WT70).

Senior players can enter in up to two teams age permitting, junior player can enter in up to two junior teams and also a senior team. All team-matches will be played after the Corbillion Cup system, with two players in the teams (to single matches, doubles and then two single matches). If there is only one player entering from an association in an event then a composite team will be allowed. Cost per junior team is $10, cost per senior team is $15.
Sunday 11 March:
10:00 pm:
U-11 singles boys (BS11) and girls (GS11).
U-13 singles boys (BS13) and girls (GS13).
U-15 singles boys (BS15) and girls (GS15).
U-18 singles boys (BS18) and girls (GS18).
U-21 singles boys (BS21) and girls (GS21).
Senior singles men (MS) and women (WS).
O-40 singles men (MS40) and women (WS40).
O-50 singles men (MS50) and women (WS50).
O-60 singles men (MS60) and women (WS60).
O-70 singles men (MS70) and women (WS70).
13:00 Special doubles (SD).

Information: Terry Dahl: 047723486, mob 0431099274.
Entries close on Thursday 1st March.
All welcome!
Terry Dahl
Table Tennis Academy Townsville
Players can enter in up to three singles events in the senior events (age permitting) and also up to three events in the junior events. Categories with few players entered will be moved to the event for another age group. Girls might be playing in boys singles if not enough girls have entered. The singles events will be played in small pools with the winners going to a finals cup and the looser to a consolations cup. The matches are best of five sets, time permitting. In special doubles the pairs will be combined after the grading/ratings to make even pairs; with one strong and one weak player. The event will be played in a knock-out format, best of five sets time permitting.
Cost per junior singles is $6, cost per senior singles $10, special doubles: $4 per player.

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