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Olav won U13 in Mackay Open
Olav won U13 boy's singles in Mackay Open on May 21-22. 10 year old Hayden Green from Rockhampton played very well in the finals but Olav was too strong and won 4-1. Olav got to the semi-finals in U15 singles but lost to Enoch Pun, also from Rockhampton. Olav's former U13 doubles partner Raydon Smith, won the finals against his club-mate. Olav got his revenge later in the tournament when he beat both Enoch and Raydon, and got to to semi-finals in both B-grade and A-grade, and also B-grade doubles with Aaron Dawes from Townsville TTA.
   Olav was the only player participating from our Academy and we hope that some of the Belgian Gardens kids soon will join him to tournaments!

Olav won gold in the school championships
Olav played for Pimlico in the 8-9 grade in the school championships held in Townsville Saturday 14 May. He won all his matches and secured Pimlico the gold medal!
Jack and Dillon played in a team for Belgian Gardens School and they did very well even if they did not get a medal. The primary school team's competition was very tough and the winners Vincent just barely managed to beat our two boys - with exciting five sets matches!

In the newspaper - again:
Table tennis: junior mixes with the big boys

OLAV Dahl was the youngest player to compete in this year's Queensland Senior Table Tennis Championships held in Townsville recently.
At just 13, Dahl mixed it with the big bloke's - while he didn't finish with a medal he admitted he was happy with how he played.
The Townsville Table Tennis Academy player played in the combined presidents team which saw all the teams play each other in five sets up to 11.
Dahl's team lost to gold winners Brisbane, and also Cairns, and Townsville A and B, however it won against the Sunshine Coast, Gatton and a composite team from Rockhampton/Townsville.
" I wish I could have played my best in our two last team matches, but on Sunday afternoon I got an injury to my right shoulder," he said. Dahl won one match in the team matches and also won sets against top players, among them Brisbane number two player Ben Costin. The teenager gained a lot of experience playing against the older players and is expected to only improve from here.
Dahl's next competitions will be in the Mackay Open, Brisbane Open, Townsville Open and Queensland Junior Championships.
He is hopeful this year could see him selected in the Queensland side to compete at the Australian Junior Championships.

(In the Junior Sports section, The Bulletin 10 May 2011)

Olav played well in the Queensland Senior
Olav and Max.
Olav against Queensland no 2; Max Wellington
Our promising junior Olav Dahl, just turned 13 years old, played for the Academy in the Queensland Senior Championships. The tournament was held in Townsville and Olav was the youngest player taking part. He played in the President’s team together with two other Townsville players – and they won three team matches; Against Sunshine Coast, Gatton and a composite Rockampton/Townsville team. Olav’s team lost to winner Brisbane, Cairns, and Townsville 1&2. Unfortunately Olav got an injury to his shoulder in the third last team match and was unable to play his best for the rest of the
tournament. During the team matches he beat one player from Rockhampton and also won sets of top players. Olav did very well in his first senior championships and when recovered from the injury he will use the experience of all the tough matching to improve his skills further!

First course at the school finished - with a tournament
Tuesday 12 April was the last table tennis day in school term one for our beginners at Belgian Gardens School. We had a tournament the whole session and everybody showed how much they have improved!
We welcome everybody back again after the holidays!
Grade 6-7 Boys : Winner: Robert Bryan-Crawford. Runner-up: Jack Navin. Third: Dillon Navin.
Grade 6-7 Girls: Winner: Diya Patel. Runner-
up: Sophie Woodford. Third: Bethany Webber.
Grade 4-5 Boys: Winner: Dillon Navin.
Grade 2-3 Boys: Winner: Het Patel. Runner-Up: Kanishka Agnihotri 3. B-J Webber.

Robert with awards and first prize.
Diya with first prize.
Het with first prize.

Our tournament: - Exciting matches in U13!
From left: Dillon, Jack, Robert and Riley.Our first tournament was held on Sunday 6 March and our beginners had great fun and played some really tough and exciting matches! Riley Williams was the winner after the U13 round robin matches and he beat the runner-up Jack Navin 14-12 in the fifth, deciding set!
   - It was great to see that they had such fun matches, but I must say it was a pity that we did not get more players entering our tournament, says president Terry Dahl, - We had invited other associations in addition to our own beginners, and this was especially a good opportunity for kids to play in a tournament. Other players too, of course!

Results U13:
1. Riley Williams, 2. Jack Navin, 3. Robert Bryan-Crawford, 4. Dillon Navin

- Top beginner's squad but we can take in more!
Our beginners March 1  2011 - We are very happy with our beginners squad, they are a top gang, but we still have room for more kids, says Terry Dahl.
   11 kids from Belgian Gardens School, from grade 2 to 7, have so far joined our very first beginners course. They are doing very well, and have already tried to play matches! New kid are welcome at any time, and only pay for the sessions left our the first course. A second course will the follow!
(Click on the picture to see it larger!)
We won the first Stockland Challenge 3-0!
Paul and Olav with the trophy
Paul and Olav with the trophy
Olav and Paul beat the Adventist team 3-0. We had invited Townsville TTA to play a challenge match against us at Stockland shopping centre but they declined. David Stojcic and Callum White were sporty enough to form a team and the match started at 6.30 yesterday (Thursday, February 24). Olav Dahl was first out against Callum, and even if Callum had several set points, Olav managed to pull off a 2-0 win. Paul Jones won his first set against David but the defensive player fought back and took the second. Paul then won the deciding set without too many problems. Paul and Olav were very solid in the doubles match and won 2-0. A 3-0 win to the Academy in our first ever team match!
Even if the result of match was decided Olav also played his match against David and won 2-1, while Paul beat Callum 2-0. It was surprisingly few shoppers passing by the centre stage this Thursday night but at periods quite a number of those passing stopped to watch and cheer for the players.

On the radio!
We have been on the radio for the first time! Wildy from the local radio-station Zinc made an interview with Terry on the phone a few hours before our challenge match at Stockland. It was about the event - and Terry explained where and when plus a bit about the Academy-players.
One-day interclub event
We have invited the following associations to an interclub event on Sunday 6 March 2011, to be held in Belgian Gardens State School's multi-purpose hall, Townsville: Cairns, Townsville, Mackay and Rockhampton.
Olav Dahl"The Stockland Challenge"
We have challenged a team from Townsville Table Tennis Association to play against us in front of the centre-stage at Stockland shopping centre.
   The first match will be at Thursday February 24, the next at March 3. Both days the matches will start at 6.30pm.
    It will be a two player format where our junior player will play against a junior from TTTA, then a senior from each team will play each other and finally it will be doubles.
    Our players: Olav Dahl, Queensland U13 doubles champion and Paul Jones, the reigning Townsville champion.

In the newspaper - again!
We are in the media again. This time in the weekly free newspaper Sun, on February 16:
Boost for table tennis in city
TABLE tennis is lifting its profile in Townsville.
   Founder and coach of the recently established Table Tennis Academy Townsville Terry Dahl, has made it his personal goal to reform one of the - what he believes - greatest sports in the city.
   "We need more and better competitions in our area if the sport is to prosper and our talents improve their standards," he said.
   Dahl, a former Norwegian national coach, has been living in Townsville for more than five years and he believes it is time to step up the activities.
   "Townsville has had many promising talents but it seems difficult for them to step up to the senior elite," he said.
   "They need to play competitive table tennis at a high level on a regular basis and it has been hard to do that when you live in Townsville.
   "There is only one proper tournament in Townsville in a year, and the best senior players in Australia are living in New South Wales and Victoria where there are more activities and competitions for the better players.
   "This was one of the reasons for establishing an academy in the city as it is too expensive to travel down south all the time to play in tournaments - so we need more competition locally."
   There are presently two clubs in the city which will play each other on a competitive level throughout the year.
   Dahl's 12-year-old son is also a promising table tennis player, and one of the other reasons that a table tennis academy is under way.
   Olav Dahl recently received an award as the most improved junior player in Townsville.
   He also won the U13 doubles title in the Queensland Junior Championships in Rockhampton this year and represented Queensland in the Australian Junior Championships.
   "I did not get any medals this time but I did all right," Olav said.
   He is aiming to improve his ranking with the promise of better training.
   The academy is starting up a beginner's course for kids at Belgian Garden State School and also plans on holding junior fixtures, coaching clinics and tournaments.
   (Picture: FORMER Norwegian national table tennis coach, Terry Dahl, and his son and talented young player, Olav.)

Bulletin 2 February 2011 We are in the newspaper!
Tuesday, February 8, 2011 was the day: You could read about us in the newspaper! The Bulletin started a special insert called Youth In Print, and we had two items: One about our association and one about our promising junior player Olav Dahl. Super! Take a look:

Bulletin 2 februaray 2011Table tennis:
New club in town

TOWNSVILLE has welcomed a new table tennis association to the city.
Table Tennis Academy Townsville is the new centre's name ands the founderes are hoping to see the new association will allow people to see table tennis as a sport and not just a hobby.
Cyclone Yasi's impact has forced a beginners' course and trials to be postponed.
According to the club president Terry Dahl the aim of the club is to provide more ands better competitions in the city.
The club is planning activities which will include tournaments and league for teams at their club house along with proper coaching squads and clinics for any budding Olympians.
Dahl said they had already started coaching squads and clinics with boot camps down on The Strand every Tuesday and Thursdays meeting at the Rockpool at 5.30pm. For more information about the new club contact Terry on 47723486, 0431099274 or look them up on Facebook.

Olav in the Bulletin 2 February 2011.SHOW YOUR TALENT
Name: Olav Dahl
Sport/club: Table Tennis Academy Townsville
Age: 12
School: Pimlico High School
Why do you play table tennis and how did you get started in the sport? It's fun and I enjoy playing it. I first started playing when it rained too much on the Christmas holidays three years ago. I couldn't play tennis outside so I went over to play table tennis.
How often do you train and what does your trining involve? I train five days a week and also do systematic exercises at the table plus fitnmess training.
Favourite moment since you started the sport?
It would probably be when I was selected to represent Queensland at the Australian Junior Championships.
List some of your success?
Queensland champion U13 boys doubles, silver U13 boy's teams Queensland, selected Most Improved Junior 2010 in Townsville.
Who do you look up to in the sport and why?

Ma Lin, the Chinese world champion because he is quick, awesome and has a lot of skill.
What is your ultimate goal in table tennis?
Play in the Olympics.

Our beginners' course is also in the calendar on the Community Connect pages, so we are getting into the media! Here
We have started!
Our beginners course is now on every Tuesday 3.30-4.30. Kids are welcome even if they could not make it the first time - and the fee will be reduced. We have also started coaching for experienced players on Thursdays from 6.30-8.30. Non-members are welcome!

Beginners' course cancelled due to cyclone
Due to the treath of cyclone Yasi we had to cancel the first day of our beginners course - the school was closed down, no activites allowed. We'll try again next Tuesday, February 8!
Our beginners' course starts Tuesday February 1
We were finally given the ok from Belgian Gardens School to start our beginners' course so we are now rushing to get everything organized with equipment and so on. All students are welcome!

Come-and-try day disappointing
We held a come-and- try day for the students at Belgian Gardens School on Tuesday but the turn-out was disappointing.
   It was only three boys who found their way to the multi-purpose hall. Terry had a chat with their parents and they belied that hardy anybody knew bout it - that no information had gone out to the students.
   - We had a table tennis demonstration just before the holidays but just a few students knew about that one as well, says Terry.
   - We handed out some flyers during the demonstration and I hang up a few posters before the come-and-try day started but that was not enough.
   The problem has been that the paperwork required to establish the Academy took longer time than thought, because of the holidays and because the QTT-office in Brisbane was flooded. And also because the P&C committee at Belgian Gardens school had to give their approval two times, first verbally and later on in writing.
   - We have had an unlucky start but we hope that our beginners' class on next Tuesday, February 1, will be more positive. Information to all the students shall now be out, I made a flyer, got 550 copies printed out in and sorted them for the different classes and grades. I have also send press releases to the radio stations and newspapers, so hopefully the information part will make more kids come!

"Tell me Terry - how do I become a good table tennis player?"

Jack, Dillon, Olav with awards.- We should do this every time!
Said Dillon after our very first Booth Camp on the Strand, and all the three younger participants got awards for their effort.

Boot Camp
Olav and me have been eating too many Christmas lollies, and decided that we should try to get into a bit of pre-season physical training. Nothing drastic, just a bit of jogging and swimming. So if you want to joins us Tuesdays and Thursdays for a pre-season "Boot Camp" until the school starts at the end of the month, please do!

Sponsors wanted!
We need money to equipment and uniforms, we need trophies to competitions. We can offer advertising on uniforms and all printed and electronic media. Send an email to: ttatownsville@gmail.com or ring Terry Dahl: 7-47723486/0431099274

An Action Plan is in place!
18 December 2010
An action plan with goals and actions is now in place. Under the short term planning, for December 2010 and January 2011, we will find among other items: Meeting with Sport and Recreation Officer and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Officer shall be held, the club shall be established with a small management committee and one shall find temporary venue(s) for fixtures, competitions, series and practising.

The Table Tennis Academy Townsville is under way!
12 December 2010.
Table Tennis Academy Townsville is under way! It is an independent association - and it aims to give a better offer to the table tennis players of the city. We will first of all look after junior players but senior players are welcome! We will try to arrange tournaments, initiate a league for the two associations, invite to team-matches - and also have proper coaching clinics and squads. Plus beginners courses and so on!
Membership fee: $10 a year (representative/club players must in addition pay the affiliation fee to QTT).
Coaching fee: 48 dollars for 8 weeks, paid in advance. We will start with one day in a week, a squad session of 2 hours (1 hours practise - 1 hour fixtures, or alternating with coaching and Fixtures).
Day: Thursdays 6.30-8.30 pm.
Venue: Belgian Garden State School's multipurpose hall, 43 Potts Street, Belgian Gardens.
Beginner course: We are starting a beginner's course for school children grade 1-7, Tuesdays 3.3-4.30. Start 1 February, free come-and-try day 25 January (same time).
Some established players might wonder how it would be for them to be members of the Academy and at the same time do some practising at the TTTA-venue and play Fixtures there. It should be no problem: It is possible to be members of two associations. At this stage we have limited spots, so we can not take in everybody.
If you are interested, take contact with me by email and I can send you the objectives and rules of the Academy. Or give me a phone call or have a chat at TTTA - Olav and I will still be there!
Email: ttatownsville@gmail.com or terje@sydhav.no.
Phone (office/home): 61-7-47723486
Mobile: 61-0431099274
Terry Dahl