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Lance and Elliot with medals.
Elliot and Lance
Successful Academy Closed Championships!
This year we combined the Academy Closed Championships with the end of Term 4 tournament at Belgian Gardens School - and it worked finely.
The two junior events were played in a round robin format - so everybody had plenty matches. There were many exciting and good matches, but the ones that have played the longest showed their strength: Aiesha went through the U11 event without a loss and so did Lance in the U9 event. Thanks to the parents, who did a good job umpiring the matches!
We played the Open event in Terry's house. The winner from last year, Paul Jones, is in Korea and Olav showed that he still is way too good for the other juniors.
An end-of-the year party with medal ceremony and awards were held in Terry's house, with finger food and a social doubles event.
Thanks for 2012 - and welcome when the school starts in the New Year!

Open Singles: Winner: Olav Dahl. Runner Up: Lance Howell
Junior U11 Boys/Girls: Winner: Aiesha Forrest. Runner Up: Elliot Cummins
Junior U9 Boys/Girls: Winner: Lance Howell. Runner Up: Alden English
Social Doubles: Winner: Philip Goodwin/Lance Howell. Runner Up: Olav Dahl/Isaac English
Encouragement award: Matthew Friend
Special thanks: Kaye Howell.

Olav and Oliver Scarlett in doubles (far side).Olav won gold in New Zealand
Olav played in the New Zealand Open for seniors 10-13 October and did very well.
He was meant to play in a President's team but it was changed to Auckland 8 and Olav had to use an Auckland shirt. The team was placed in D-grade category but since they only had Open, B, C and D grade it was the same as B-grade in Australia. Olav's team played five team-matches and managed to secure gold medals. Olav won all his matches.
Only New Zealand players were allowed to play in other graded events. The men's open and U21 men's singles with many national squad players was a bit tough for Olav. In U21 doubles Olav played with a good player, Mitchell Barker, and they made it to the semi-finals. In Open doubles Olav and Oliver Scarlett almost made it to the second round but lost 10-12 in deciding set.
It was two days of Hot Spot training camp in Auckland before the championships and on the way back home he played for several hours in Cairns.
A very useful trip for Olav!

Aiesha won Term 3 competition
We had a very successful end of our Term 3 course at Belgian Gardens School on Tuesday 18 September. Aiesha won the tournament with Lance as runner-up, and all players had fun and played well. Lance was handed a Bronze Award for completing Level 2 in our skills tests program and Aiesha, Lance, Elliot, Seth and Jasmine received their Level 1 awards. All players got awards for successfully completing the course.
The successful event was rounded off with drinks and biscuits during the awards ceremony.

Mackay Open: Olav won five titles!
Olav in the Bulletin. An old picture.Olav won five events at the Mackay Open in the weekend 8-9 September - and it was an article in Bulletin Sports Junior on Tuesday 11 September:
Ping pong kid cleans up
TOWNSVILLE teenager Olav Dahl swept the pool at the Mackay Open table tennis championships last weekend, winning the under 15. under 18 and under 21 singles titles.
The 14-year old was too good for the opposition from Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville and Cairns in the junior categories.
Olav also won the B-grade singles and joined forces with Rockhampton's Enoch Pun to claim the B-grade doubles title.

Olav in CairnsCairns Open: Olav runner up in U18
Olav was runner up in U18 boy's singles at the Cairns Open in the weekend, 11-12 August. He lost to top seed David Fielding in the finals. Olav won the U1300 Rating singles and also U1500 Rating doubles, with Ersin Akar. He also played well in Mens Open where he won his pool but lost to Max Wellington in the quarter finals. Olav got to the semifinals in Open Doubles with Brendan Cahill, where they lost to Paul Jones (on visit from Korea) and the German top seed.
Queensland Juniors 2012:
Olav rated number 6 in order of merit
Rayden and Olav with their doubles bronze
Rayden and Olav with their doubles bronze
One bronze medal and number 6 in order of merit was the final result for Olav in this year's Queensland juniors. His goal as his first year in U15 was to be rated among the 6 best so he achieved his goal. In U15 boys singles Olav lost in the quarter finals to Ned Freeman who was seeded as number four. Olav took the first set and seemed to be in control in the second but the victory slowly slipped away. The tall Bundaberg boy, who also narrowly beat Olav in the team-matches, later won the semi-finals but lost to Jake Duffy in the finals. Matt turned up sick at the day of his U15-maches and had to withdraw and head back home for the bed. Jack lost his first match to one of the top U13 players and even if he put up a good fight in his next math he lost again and did not progress into the knock-out. Olav also played U18 and won the first match in his pool. Olav gave seeded Ben Haughton him a run for his money but he was a bit too strong. Ben later got the bronze medal.
Queensland Table Tennis selected four players to the U15 team to the Australia Juniors in Perth later this year and Olav did not make it into the team. Hopefully they will later select a B-team or select players to a Presidents team, and Olav should be a strong contender for a position.

Queensland Juniors: Olav bronze in
Dillon, Jack, Terry, Matt, Olav and Lance
Dillon, Jack, coach Terry, Matt, Olav and Lance
doubles but too tough in the team matches
The Queensland Junior Championships 2012 have started and the team events and doubles are completed when this is written early Thursday morning 28 June.
Olav is the only one of our players that has participated in a major championship before and our two teams were seeded last. The U15 boys team of Olav, Matt and Jack had a very tough start against the seeded number one team Bundaberg - and we lost 0-9. Not even Olav managed to get a win even if he had close matches. Our U13 team of Angus, Dillon and Lance also were up against Bundaberg, and unfortunately Angus and his sister Astrid withdrew from the championships just before it started. Young Sam Freeman from Bundaberg was allowed to fill in but naturally the team was weaker with our best U13 player missing. It was a tough start to the days of team matches, since the weakest meet the best in the first rounds, but our boys tried their very best all the time. The results improved when we got to the weaker teams with Dillon and Jack winning matches but 4-5 against Cairns for the U15 team was the closest we got to a win.
Olav and Rayden Smith from Rockhampton were seeded number two in the U15 boys doubles and they had no trouble reaching the semi-finals. Here they met two of the gold winners from the team matches: Brett Fourro and Blake Webster. Olav and Raydon did not manage to sparkle 110 percent and the Bundy-boys took home the win in five sets. They also later won the finals against favourites Jake Duffy and Ben Gould. Matt and Jake tried their best in the U15 doubles but they did not manage to get through from their three-pair pool. The same went for Dillon and Lance in U13 boys doubles. Olav was supposed to play U15 mixed doubles with Astrid but lost by default since Astrid did not turn up. Lance and Dillon have also finished their U13 singles events and even if they did a very good effort they did not manage to progress from their pools.
The championships will continue with the singles events so another report will follow!

Olav and the Academy in the Bulletin
It was another article about Olav and our Academy in the Sports In the Bulletin.Junior section of the Bulletin on June 19:
Junior table tennis
champs represent Academy
THE Table Tennis Academy Townsville will have a small contingent playing in this weekend's Queensland Junior Championships.
Coach Terry Dahl said he would have seven players across three divisions under-13s, under-15s and the junior females - a contingent including son Olay.
Olav is coming off the back of a win in the under-15 and being runner-up in the under-18 singles events at the Townsville Open tournament earlier this month. Terry said Olav had been practising daily for the junior championships and was targeting a spot in the Queensland under-15 team.
He is seeded fifth for the under-15 singles with a top-three finishes earning him a spot in the state side to compete at the Australian Championships in Perth in late September.
Terry said the other players were beginners and had been racusing hard and were enjoying their table tennis ahead of the championships.

Olav with money he wonTownsville Open: Olav won U15
Olav won U15 boys singles and was runner up in U18 singles at the Townsville Open in the weekend, 9-10 June. He also played well in the senior grades and almost took out a few of the "hot shots" of the tournament. Matthew and Lance played in their first open tournament and did a good effort against much more experienced players.
Silver at the Queensland School Championships
Lance and Astrid with medals
Lance and Astrid
Our players did not manage to repeat the gold medals at the Queensland School Championships on Saturday 2 June: Silver this time.
It was a big disappointment that Jack and Dillon did not turn up. Olav had to play up in Grade 10-12 (instead of 8-9) with an unexperienced player, and Astrid was moved to the A-team to play
with Lance in the primary school category.
Jonathan and Olav with medals
Jonathan and Olav
Olav did not loose any matches throughout the tournament but his partner from William Ross High School was a bit too weak. But silver medals was a good result. They made it to the finals and lost in the deciding doubles. Lance and Astrid met a combined team of two older club-players and secured the silver medals even if they lost. Good effort, guys!
Angus played in what was supposed to be the Pimlico B team (with Olav and Jack in the A-team), and even if Angus showed great fighting spirit they just missed out on a medal.
Fixtures mowing place
We are moving our Fixtures from the Senior Citizen Centre to Terry's house (1 Howitt Street) from 10 May. We will try to find a time (and day?) that suits everybody but for the first Thursdays it will from 3.30 to 6 pm. Note that we are starting one hour earlier so that some kids can come straight from school (the players do no necessary have to be there from 3.30 to 6 - just tell Terry the hours(s) that fit best. We will also have extra fixtures and traing on other days - so ask Terry!)

Article. Olav's in the Bulletin again
- from the New Zealand Junior Open
Yet another article where Olav is mentioned: The Sports Junior section of the Bulletin on May 1:
"Putting the ping in ping-pong"
"Table tennis players David Fielding, Eliza Forster and Olav Dahl returned to Townsville recently after representing Australia in the Oceania Junior Tournament in New Zealand.
All three players produced excellent performances which saw Fielding reach the quarter finals in under-18 singles, the best result of any of the Australians in the singles event.
Forster and her partner reached the finals of the under-18 doubles, a fantastic effort and the best Australian result of the tournament.
Dahl made it to the semi-finals in the cadet singles but lost to the eventual winner, while he doubles partner Jay Ong made it to the quarter finals."
Well, it is always good to see table tennis in the newpaper even if the article could have been far more accurate - and the words "ping-pong" changed to something more serious!

Olav in the BulletinOlav's trip to South-Korea in the Bulletin
It was another article about Olav in the Sports Junior section of the Bulletin on April 24:
TOWNSVILLE table tennis player Olav Dahl has spent the past two weeks in South Korea touring schools and playing in a variety of tournaments. Dahl visited two schools where he played against some very good table tennis players. He also played against senior players twice a day. Dahl had originately set off to compete in in a variety of tournaments but they were unfortunately posponed. He did, though, manage to find three different senior tournaments to play in, getting to one quarter-final. Dahl said he had a great time. "We enjoyed playing table tennis, eating the Korean food and made a lot of great friends," he said.

Olav played in the New Zealand Junior & Cadet Open:
Some good results but not 100 percent happy
The tournament was an ITTF Global Junior Circuit event and had attracted players from 11 countries. Olav played a bit up and down and was not happy with all his games. Here are Olav's results:
Cadet teams: Olav's Norway-Malaysia team won the Consulation Cup (for the ones that does not make it through the initial pools).
Cadet Singles: Olav lost to the winner of the Consulation Cup
in the semi-finals
Cadet Doubles: Olav and Jay Ong made it to the querterfinals.
Junior Singles: Olav lost to the winner of the Consulation Cup.
Junior doubles: Olav and Max Poungsri lost to the winners in the quarter-finals.
To see all the results: The ITTF results page - click here
Olav and Max from Thailand in doubles.The updates from the tournament in New Zealand:
Olav lost in the consolation semi-finals
Olav did not do as well as he had hoped in the singles events. In the cadet single pools he lost to a top seeded player and also to a young boy from New Zealand. So Olav had to play consolation cup and here he made it to the semifinals where he lost in a close game to the later winner from New Zealand. Olav played with his team partner Jay Ong also in cadet doubles and they lost in the quarterfinals. In junior doubles Olav played with the top seed from Thailand and they did a exciting and good match against the top Australian players in the quarter finals - with Olav playing very well. In junior singles Olav played very well against a very good New Zealand junior and also a ranked Australia junior but also lost both and did not progress to the main draw. In the consolation cup Olav lost to the later winner.
The ITTF result page - click here
The Cook Islands A team lost to Malaysia-Norway.Olav's Norway/Malaysia team won
the consolation cup
Olav and his team partner Jay Ong first beat Cook Islands A 3-0 in the consolation cup and went on to win the finals 3-1 over a combined New Caldedonia/Kiribati team. Congratulations!
The ITTF result page - click here
Beat Cook Islands but lost to Australia and New Zealand
Jay Ong and Olav.Olav is playing for Norway but since he is the only player from the country where he was born he is playing in a composite team with a boy representing Malaysia in the cadet (U15) team matches. They lost 0-3 to Australia A in their first match, but beat Cook Islands B 3-0 in their second. They were aiming to give New Zealand B a fight in the next, and they did. Olav took a set from the seeded Dean Shu in the first match and his partner Jay Ong beat Michael Zhang 3-0 in his. Unfortunately the boys did not get their doubles match going as well as they had hoped and lost 0-3. Jay Ong then lost 0-3 to Dean Shu and the team match was over. 3-1 to New Zealand B and the Norway/Malaysia team will have to play in the consolation cup tomorrow morning.
The ITTF result page - click here
Olav to New Zealand to play in an international tournament

Olav Dahl has now left South Korea to play for Norway in an ITTF Global Junior Circuit event. The 2012 KVB Kunlun TTNZ New Zealand Junior & Cadet Open will be held at the Cathay Pacific Auckland table tennis stadium from 19th - 22nd April, 2012. Olav still has a Norwegian passport and will play for Norway, with dad Terry as the coach for the Norwegian one-man team! Olav will play in a composite team with a boy from another country but we still do not know it will be. I will update later!
The ITTF page - click here

Olav's travel to Korea in the Bulletin:
It was an article about Olav in the Sports Junior section of the Bulletin on March 27:
Ping pong power
Olav Dahl will be putting his table tennis skills up against some of the best, when he competes in South Korea over the Easter holidays.
The 14-year old will be in South Korea for two weeks where he will play in a tournament in the city of Daegu:
Dahl said: "I will be practising with semi-professional players durng the day time and play league matches of a night."
"I will then play in a large tournament in the city of Daegu."
After snatching four gold medals during a competition in Fiji resently, Dahl was not sure he was going to be able to repeat it:
"Their juniors are just too good," he said.
"They are world class."
South Korea is ranked No.3 country in the world in table tennis behind China and Germany.
Junior table tennis champion Olav Dahl with his trophies
Junior table tennis champion Olav Dahl with his trophies
The latest updates from Korea:
Back in shape at last fixtures
Olav was really out of shape last night but after a good nights rest we decided that he should try to play the last Sunday fixtures/tournament. A new venue, only four tables this time. Olav lost his first match to a lady who used to be a profesionel, but then he won the other four matches in his pool. In the winners knock/out he lost to another good lady, with pimples on forehand. Olav played very promising in his last fixtures! Tomorrow we are heading for Brisbane and then directly to Auckland.
Two fixtures the same day
After noon-practising on Friday then Yang Young Sook took us back to the same school we visited on Thursday. Again Olav played matches against the kids and again they showed how good they were. Olav had close matches with very good rallies but they showed skills most Australian players would envy them. In the evening we went to the club where Olav had some social matches with our new friends.
On Saturday Olav had a warming up hitting with me and coach Chang Rae before we travelled to fixtures-tournament that started at 2pm. Olav was number two his pool and went to the winners knock-out where he lost in his first match. At 7pm we took taxi back to the club venue, were Paul Jones, Hong and his wife were warming up before the next fixture/tournament. Taxi with Paul to another venue. Olav's warming up with Paul was good but then the trouble started. Olav was totally out of form - all the practising and matches had finally taken its toll. Not unexpected, but we are sure that after a good rest the promising development will continue!
Paul did very well, he won the event!
Another primary school visit
Today we visited another primary school where they had table tennis, Daemyung Elementary School. Yang Young Sook again drove us. Nine tables in the school gym this time. Olav was told to play matches against some of the nine kids that did table tennis. They were a bit older than at the other school, mostly 13 years old. And good. Olav won only one match and lost five. Many of the matches were really good and close. They played modern table tennis with loop/topspin, the best even had a good backhand loop. They practised from 3 to 7.30 every weekday and from 9 to 6.30 on Saturdays. On Sundays they often had school tournaments. They had one coach and a "trainer". The latter, Lim Yoon Chul, was a former professional player who obviously functioned as a sparring partner for the kids.
They asked if Olav wanted to stay for a training session after all the matches but Young wanted to go home and Olav was tired and sore, so we drove back home. No evening session for Olav at the club either, he needed some rest.
Olav and Chang RaeOlav played well in fixtures
Olav did well in the club-fixtures last night. He lost 1-3 to Daegu number one amateur player in the semi-finals, coach Chang Rae, in an close and entertaining match. Olav started at 6-0 but this player usually beats everybody in Daegu no matter their handicap! The fixtures stared at 2 pm since it was election day and people did not have to go to work, and had also attracted players from other clubs. After the fixtures it was traditional Korean dinner at a restaurant, followed by karaoke at a "noraebong" ("singing rom").
To a primary school

Today we went to visit a primary school where they had table tennis. Yang Young Sook drove us about half an hour after picking up another coach. Eight tables set up in the school gym, some kids, a teacher and a coach. Olav was told to play a match against a little fellow - and lost 2-3. He was 11 years old, had been playing for four years and was as far as I understood number 2 in Korea for his age group. Olav then had to play a defensive boy, also 11, and won 3-1. Then a girl of the same age, and Olav just managed a 13-11 win in the last set.
Then to the tables for training, and the girl gave Olav some multi-ball practising. I was told that the kids practised four hours every day. The coach came to give Olav some advice and he wanted Olav to hit the ball early in his forehand - hitting instead of looping. Well. Olav's style is looping so I tried to explain that in Europe many players used loop (and so do many Chinese these days). He also said that the Europeans did not know how to play on short balls (well, I have seen some that are quite good at it, like Timo Boill). They tried to give Olav some hard work on his forehand with multi-ball but after a short break we had to call it quits. Olav had been sick last night and he did not feel well. I explained that I was very happy to see how they did their practising and that it was a pity we could not stay longer. We drove back home and Olav went early to bed. It might have been some of the food that we ate yesterday that was the problem because I was not feeling very well myself.
Busy weekend for Olav
Olav played in two different club fixtures in the weekend, and did well.
Saturday: Olav and a few of the other players from "our" club travelled by car to another venue in the big city of Daegu. The venue had more space behind the tables compared to where Olav had been practicing during the week, and the playing style of many of the players where different; they were not as close to the tables. Olav, as a new and unexperienced player here, is a rated as Level 6. The fixtures started at 7.30 pm (people are working late in Korea) and there were no junior players at all. There weres three players in Olav's round robin pool, and Olav managed to win all his matches - some of them were very tough. So Olav progressed to the knock-out but here he met the later winner of the event and lost 1-3.
Eating after the matches.Sunday: By car to another venue and start at 1 pm. Again; only senior players and all kind of styles. It was six players in Olav's pool this time. Olav was in trouble several times in the first two matches but managed to win. In the third match Olav had a senior lobbing most of the time, and Olav lost 2/3, 11-13 in the deciding set on some exiting rallies (where Olav also was injured, hitting a corner sticking out into the playing area)! Olav beat the number one rated player in the pool in his last match (Olav starting on 4-0, so he was Level 3) and went thought to the winners knock-out as number two. Olav then won his first match but all the tough matches had taken its toll; he ran out of power and lost in the quarter finals. A box of balls as trophy. Our club coach won the event, and he shouted dinner with his prize money.
The club fixtures here in Daegu are open for players for all the associations and there are several of them on the same day: Some players from our club played at another Olav and Yang Young Sook.venue/club on Sunday.

Olav runner-up in the club fixtures
Olav played in the club-fixtures last night and made it all the way to the finals. Here he lost 1-3 to his practising partner Yang Young Sook. The Level 1 female player is a left-handed counter-hitter with pimples on backhand. The club-fixtures is a social weekly event where they use the handicap-system, and Olav started at 3-0 in the finals. The event was played with round robin pools leading to knock-out.

Olav and Terry have arrived Korea
- We arrived Daegu in South Korea in the evening on Saturday 31 March. We were met by Paul Jones and a member of the club, and they took us to the motel where we stay.
Daegu is a large city with 2.5 million people, and April is springtime. It is a bit could for us used to Townsville, about 10-15 degrees Celsius daytime, but we brought warm clothes. The club is practising in a rather small venue with 5 tables, but it is open from about 11 o'clock every day. Olav has practised to 4 pm every day, and then in the evening from 7 to 9.30. It has been mostly matches but he also has a very good female practising partner one hour every day. The women are playing shakehand with pimples on backhand while the men are playing penholder. They are all very quick at the table, counterhitting with powerful strokes.
On Sunday we watched a tournament played on 33 tables, and Olav will be playing himself in a tournament this weekend - after what we have heard. Tomorrow night, Friday, he will be playing in club fixtures.

Dillon Navin, Lance Howell, Astrid Mussap and Louis StrikeSchools: In the Bulletin!
The picture of our two teams in the school championships for Grade 4-7 was published in the Bulletin Tuesday March 6, the Junior Sports section. "But the grade four to seven division saw Belgian Gardens one side come up against Belgian Gardens second side; with the first team winning". The picture caption: "Dillon Navin, Lance Howell, Astrid Mussap and Louis Strike at the Townsville School team table tennis championships at the weekend".
Louis, Lance, Matt. Dillon, Olav, Jack, Angus, Astrid.Two gold at the Townsville school championships!
Jack and Olav won the Grade 8-9 team event for Pimlico, and Dillon and Lance won the Grade 4-7 event for Belgian Gardens! Congratulations!
   Olav showed everybody why he is ranked number 9 in Australia in U13 by winning all his matches with ease, and Jack followed up with a promising game. They did not loose any matches in singles or doubles so their gold medals were well deserved!
   Dillon showed strong form in the primary school team matches, and he and his team partner Lance received their gold medals after winning 3-0 in their finals. Well done boys, congratulations! Guess who they met in the finals: Our other Belgian Gardens team of Louis and Astrid! They did a fantastic effort by beating the two girls from Calvary school 3-2 in an exiting team match!
   Angus and Matt played in a composite team Pimlico/Kirwan and they had really close matches but could not reach the finals. Angus' fighting spirit was an example for everybody and so was his sister Astrid's happiness in her singles matches against Calvary! The championship was held on Sunday 26 February.
   Congratulations to all our Academy players for a fantastic effort!
Grade 8-9: Gold: Jack Navin and Olav Dahl, Pimlico
Grade 4-7: Gold: Lance Howell and Dillon Navin, Belgian Gardens. Runner up: Louis Strike and Astrid Mussap, Belgian Gardens.

We have started to prepare for the
Olav with four medals
Olav with four medals last year
Queensland Junior Championships 2012
The Queensland Junior Championships will be held in Townsville this year. It will be held during the school holidays in June, five days from Sunday 24 to Friday 29. An important part of the popular championships are the team events. Last year Olav had to play in a composite team with a boy from Bundaberg but we are of course planning to have teams that can play for the Academy this time! There are many single and double events as well, and all the kids always have great fun throughout the championships. The competition is very tough with many good players from all over the state and we have to be well prepared to do our best. So we have already at this stage started planning for the championships. We have looked at the results and interest shown from the players last year and this and made a preliminary selection to the teams. This selection is just an indication how the situation is at the moment, and there might very well be additions and changes!
U15 Boys Teams: A-team; Olav Dahl, Jack Navin, Angus Mussap.
B-team; Robert Bryan-Crawford, Thomas Coyne, Matthew Friend, Michael Jones
U13 Boys team; Dillon Navin, Lance Howell, Louis Strike.
U13 Girls team: Aiesha Forrest, Astrid Mussap.

The team matches in the Queensland Junior Championships are played with three-member teams for U18 and U15, where all the players on every team in the state will play against each other. For the U13 boys’ teams it is usually two players in a team. Last year all the U13 girls were playing a round robin pool but hopefully it will be team events this year!
Terry will be our over-all team manager and coach, and later we will have to select team captains and managers for each team. We will also have a meeting fairly soon where we can look at our uniforms and decide the design for this season. First of all we will have to get confirmation from the players and their parents that they will be able to play for the Academy in this year’s Queensland Junior Championships – and we have to look into our training days and fixtures so that we get a useful and fun preparations for all our squad members! We hope to play team matches against Townsville Table Tennis Association as a preparation towards the championships and may be also Mackay. We also hope that the players will be able to take part in weekend tournaments in and out of the city as a part of the preparations.
More information or confirmation: Terry Dahl, 47723486, 0431099274

Bulletin-articleOlav in the Bulletin
The Sports Junior section in the Bulletin had an article about Olav Dahls "gold-winning" in the Fiji Open Championships. The article was on page 22 and 23 on Tuesday the 31 January. We have earlier written about Olavs fantasic efforts by winning four gold. To read the story; scroll down or click here.
More table tennis holiday fun in Terry's house
Astrid and Olav against Dillon and Angus. Our Christmas table tennis in Terry's house was so fun that we repeated the event. Wednesday 18 January was the day and we started 9.30 in the morning. Luckily we did not get 36 degrees Celsius this time but a water-fight after the matches cooled down again! Olav, who won the handicap event last time started on minus 7 points this time and was beaten by Louis starting on eight plus. Louis made it to the finals but here Angus starting on 5 points was too strong. Angus, who celebrated his 13th birthday, was teamed up with another birthday boy, Dillon of nine. They celebrated by winning the doubles event with Jack and Louis in second place and Olav and Astrid number three.

Top table tennis trip to Atherton and Cairns
Chris, Safi. Paul, Olav, Paul Y and Thomas at Atherton. Chris Pang Way invited us to come to Atherton for some table tennis with him and his friend Safi. And; In the morning Saturday the 14th of January Olav, Paul Jones and Terry headed towards the tablelands. So did also Paul Uttley and Thomas Woltmann of Cairns and soon they were all playing friendly matches at one table in a shed with concrete floor (well, not Terry; he was doing the scoring). We the Townsville-visitors slept over in a shop in the same building and next morning we played a team-match against Atherton. Paul beat Chris, while Olav lost 11-13 in deciding set to Safi. Olav and Paul the won the doubles and finished the team-match by winning their last singles. 4-1 to us! We then jumped in the car and drove to Cairns where Olav and Paul practised and played matches against Paul U and Thomas again. Cairn's number one player Holger Knublauch also turned up, and Olav registered his best win so far by beating him 3-2. We just made it back to Townsville just before the roads were flooded. We had a nice and useful trip with lots of table tennis!

Christmas fun in Terry's house
Santa and Rudolf playing.Eight players turned up for some Christmas table tennis fun in Terry's house at North Ward on Tuesday 27 December at 10 o'clock in the morning (and 36 degrees plus!). It was a knock-out competition with consolation and handicap. Olav started on minus 3 while the others started on plus 5 to 9 points but he still managed to win the event. A fun knock-out doubles was won by Jack and Lance.
The parents also had short meeting where Terry presented the President's report for 2011, and they gave feedback on how they thought the Academy should start the activities in the New Year.

Olav ranked 9 in Australia
Olav Dahl is now for the first time on the Australian national ranking list. He is ranked number 9 in the U/13 boy's category. Congratulations to Olav!
For the Australian ranking 2011 - click here.

Rob and Olav.Olav won four gold at the Fiji Open Championships!
Our 13 year old Olav Dahl won the boy's junior singles title (U18) in the Fiji Open Championships held in Nadi 8-11 December. The youngster beat the Pacific number one rated cadet player, Rob Dorovolomo from the Solomon Islands 3-2 (11/8,5/11, 11/5, 5/11, 11/6) in the finals.
   Olav also won boy's cadet singles U15 plus boy's doubles both in U18 (with Chris Guttersberger, Fiji) and U15 (with Vincent Wu, Fiji). In the Men Open singles he lost in the quarter finals to a Chinese veteran that was seeded as number four. The championships had attracted players from New Zealand, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Australia and Fiji.

   Terry Dahl, our coach, president and also Olav's dad conducted 2 1/2 days of international training before the championships.
Article in Fiji Times - click here.

Successful Academy Closed Championships!
Medals and awards.Our first closed championships were a great success. The kids had heaps of matches in the junior events and the finals for the men between veteran Paul Jones and young Olav Dahl showed the parents what table tennis is like on a top competitive level!
Paul and Olav, men singles.
Olav and Jack - U13
Dillon and Lance - U11 Olav and Lance doubles winners
Doubles action
   It was a problem for the school to let us use the mu ltipurpose hall in the weekend so we had to use our last Thursday of the year to hold our championships. Luckily it worked fine and we managed to get finished just at 6.30! Terry worked hard at the control table to get all the matches started but with good help of the kids and parents to do the scoring everything run quite smooth.    
   Unfortunately no parents got their courage up to enter in a Parents event but then they had better time to look at their kids fantastic efforts!    
   After the last finals everybody jumped in their cars and headed for Terry's house at North Ward. Ian helped out at the barbie while the kids could test Olav's electronic drums and games. After sausages and cordial it was time for a trophy ceremony, and the winners got their gold medals and the runners up their awards.


Men Singles: Winner: Paul Jones. Runner Up: Olav Dahl
Junior U13 Boys: Winner: Olav Dahl. Runner Up: Jack Navin
Junior U13 Girls: Winner: Aiesha Forrest. Runner Up: Astrid Mussap
Junior U11 Boys: Winner: Dillon Navin. Runner Up: Lance Howell
Junior U11 Girls: Winner: Aiesha Forrest. Runner Up: Astrid Mussap
Junior U9 Boys/Girls: Winner: Dillon Navin. Runner Up: Lance Howell
Doubles (Social) : Winner: Olav Dahl/Lance Howell. Runner Up: Angus Mussap/Michael Jones
U13 Boys Consolation: Winner: Robert Bryan-Crawford. Runner Up: Michael Jones

Olav at the Australian JuniorsOlav did well at the Australian Junior Championships
Our junior Olav Dahl was selected to represent Queensland in the Australian Junior Championships held in Sydney from 25 September to 1 October. Olav did not win any medals but was Queensland's best U13 player in the team events, named as the number 10 Australian player at the Order of Merit. Olav won most of his matches in the team events between the states, but Queensland could not make it better than number 7. Olav was seeded as number 8 in the U13 singles event, and he also progressed through the pool and first round through to the quarterfinals. He then lost to Dominic Huang who later won the event, beating last year's U13 champion Jake Duffy in the finals. Olav had a though draw in the U15 event with Erny Zsao in his pool. Olav lost to Erny who later won the event, beating a Korean boy ranked number 14 in the world in the finals.

Olav team and the runner up tema of two  girls from New South WalesOlav got silver at the Australian School Championships
Our junior Olav Dahl played in the
Australian School Championships, held in Sydney on the 23rd of September and he was runner up in U13 singles. He lost to Richard Wang from New South Wales in the finals. In the teams event Olav played in the senior division (Grade 11-12) with a boy from Rockhampton. They won all their team-matches but were not awarded medals since they were a combined team with Olav representing Pimlico High School and Enoch Pun playing for Rockhampton Grammar.

End of term3 tournament, from the left: Noah. Lance, Astrid, Dillon, Sophie, Angus, Aiesha..End of Term 3 tournament
- The players are improving all the time, and they all showed good effort in our end of term 3 tournament, president and head-coach Terry Dahl said.
   Unfortunately some of the players at Belgian Gardens School were sick on the day but everybody did their best and there were many tight and exciting matches.
After fighting it out then it was time for biscuits and cordial - and a trophy ceremony.
Grade 2-3: Winner; Lance Howell
Grade 4-5: Winner; Dillon Navin, Runner Up; Aiesha Forrest
Grade 6-7: Winner;
Angus Mussap, Runner Up; Sophie Woodford

Award for the best effort and most positive attitude during the Table Tennis Course Term 3 2011 at Belgian Gardens School was given to Lance Howell.

Olav and national player Robert Frank
Olav played in the Australian
senior championships!

Our youngster Olav Dahl played in the Australian Closed Senior Championships in Brisbane from 9 to 11 September. Olav had Robert Frank and Kiet Tran, ranked no 4 and 6 in Australia last year, in his group - so it was of course very tough! He won anyway one match in the group so that was not too bad! Olav played well in the consolation cup but lost in first round. It was a valuable experience for Olav to see the best players in the country in action - and play against them! William Henzell again won the singles title for the men, he beat Simon Gerada in the finals. (Picture: Olav and national player Robert Frank)

Olav in the Sport Lifestyle magazine!
Our promising junior Olav Dahl, 13, is featured on two pages in the August edition of the free Sport Lifestyle magazine!
Sport lifestyle magazine double pageHere is the article:

Olav Dahl - Table tennis:
More medals on the table

Young Olav Dahl is serious about his sport of table tennis. And hours of systematic practising and physical training is paying off. Olav won four medals at the resent Queensland Junior Championships held in Bundaberg: Gold in U13 mixed double, bronze in U13 singles, U14 double and U 15 doubles.
"I did well, I think I played near up to my full potential, said the 13 year old grade eight student." Olav Said
The championships started with team events and Olav played in a composite team with an unranked player from Bundaberg.
"I won all my matches and had we won one of the really close doubles matches we lost in the team events we would have got at least a bronze medal" Olav said.
Olav won U 13 boys doubles last year with Rayden Smith from Rockhampton, but this time he had to be happy with a bronze medal with unranked Cong Tran from Bundaberg - a result he repeated in U 15 boys doubles with Ben Gould from Brisbane. The young Townsville boy got gold medal with Rebekha Stanley from Mackay in U 13 mixed double, they beat the two beat number one seeds Jake Duffy and Chloe Totterdell 3-0 in the finals.
"I lost to Jake in the U 13 singles semi-finals, I was very close in the second set, but Jake was too good." Olav said.
Jake Duffy from the Gold Coast is the reigning Australian U13 champion and has already represented Australia overseas. Not only did he win U 13 singles again but he also won U 15 singles and captured a bronze in U 18 singles, an event Townsville's David Fielding won for the second year in a row!
"My goal for this season was to get selected to the Queensland U13 team to the Australian junior championships at the end of September and I have already been selected" Olav said with a smile on his face.
Yes, Olav was named number one in the order of merit for U 13 boys in the championships and is also ranked number one in the Queensland team, since Jake Duffy is playing in the U 15 team.
Olav is playing for the Table Tennis Academy Townsville, a new table tennis association in the city, established just before Christmas.
"I could not practise as much as necessary to become a top table tennis player in the other association here, so my dad and I started our own" Olav said.
He explains that table tennis players all over the world practise a lot. Olav was born in Norway and during a visit in the far colder country earlier this year he joined the training in his dad's former table tennis association in Oslo.
"The boys and girls at my age practised every day, up to five hours." Olav said.
"I am not practising that much yet but to practise two weekdays in a weeks as they do in Townsville Table Tennis association is far from enough!"
Dad and Coach Terry Dahl has been a national coach of Norway and he also knows very well what it takes to play on international level and he knows what it takes to start a new association. He is at the moment having his hands full with 20 kids from grade two to seven practising once every Tuesday at Belgian Gardens School besides coaching his son.
"I am doing compulsory music on Tuesdays afternoons at Pimlico so I cannot help out, and it will take time before they can give me a challenge. But it is good to have more young kids like myself playing and next year I am sure we will have both boys and girls team to the Queensland Juniors Championships" Olav said.
Olav's rating has been steadily climbing this year and he is definitely not afraid of mixing with the bigger boys. He played in the Queensland Senior Championships earlier this year, where he took sets from seeded players and also won one match.
A problem for the talented junior is that the other association in the city has made regulations that lock players from other associations out from their Fixtures and practising.
"My dad wanted the Academy to be an addition for the players that sees table tennis more as a sport than a recreational hobby but obviously not everybody sees it like that"
Well, we can hope that some of the established players anyway can give young Olav a hit at the Academy or his home. Or might be there are some good Chinese table tennis players working in the city?

Olav with four medals
Olav with four medals
Queensland Junior Championships 2011:
Olav bronze in U13 single and selected to the Queensland team
Olav beat Blake Webster from Bundaberg 3-0 in his quarterfinals but the Australian champion Jake Duffy was too strong in the semifinals. Olav had setpoints in the second set but lost 0-3, Jake Duffy from the Gold Coast also won U15 and was in the semifinals in U18 - and did a major medal haul. Jake did not play in the U13 teams so Olaw was annonsed number 1 in the Order of Merit for the U13 boys! Olav was also selected to the Queensland team to play in the Australian junior Championships. Congratulationes to Olav! All in all a very good championship for our promising junior!
Olav bronze in two boys doubles
Olav has added two bronze medals to his gold in mixed doubles, - so far. He got bronze in U13 boys doubles with Cong Tran from Bundaberg and bronze in U15 doubles with Ben Gould from Brisbane.
Olav (and the Academy) ended as number four in the team events with his unexperienced team-partner Trent Cieslar from Bundaberg, but was very close to a medal. Olav won all his matches during the team events and they were close to winning several deciding doubles.
In U13 singles Olav has reached the quarterfinals, and will take on Blake Webster from Bundaberg today (Friday 1 July).
In U15 Olav had a tough group with Ben Gould and Brett Fourro, Olav beat Ben in a good match but lost to Brett and did not progress. In U18 singles he was also in a very tough group with seeded Liam Tacon and Jordan Dequina, Olav played very well and took a set from both but lost and did not progress into the knock-out rounds.

Olav won gold in mixed doubles!
Olav Dahl and Rebekha Stanley from Mackay won the first gold medals at the Queensland Junior championships on now in Bundaberg. They beat number 1 seeds Jake Duffy and Chloe Totterdell 3-0 in the U13 mixed doubles finals! Olav is also doing well in the team events with his partner from Bundaberg. They have won three team matches so far without Olav loosing a match. But tougher competition in the team events is coming up today, Tuesday 28 June.

End of Term 2 tournament: - Well done everybody!
The players- It was very hectic at times but the players did a very good effort inn their matches, Academy president Terry Dahl said after the end of Term 2 tournament on Tuesday 21 June.
The players were divided into three pools: Grade 2-3, Grade 4-5 and Grade 6-7. They all played against each other in their pool. Even on six tables it as a fairly hectic activity at the control table to get everything finished before 4.30!
The players showed that they have learned a bit of table tennis and it was many exciting and very close matches.
- All of them were winners, well done, Terry said.
Then it was biscuits and cordial - and a trophy ceremony. Everybody got their awards from Table Tennis Queensland, because our Term 2 program at Belgian Gardens School was also a part of Totally Table Tennis, the first held in our state!
The final event of the day was when the winners and runners up got their awards and trophies.
Grade 2-3: Winner; Lance Howell, Runner Up; Jacob Mills
Grade 4-5: Winner; Dillon Navin, Runner Up; Aiesha Forrest
Grade 6-7: Winner; Jack Navin, Runner Up; Angus Mussap

The Saturday tournament: Good matches but few players
Aiesha, Lance, Kanishka, Matthew
Aiesha, Lance, Kanishka and Matthew with tropies/awards.
Aiesha Forrest won U13 and Lance Hewell won U9. Runners up were Matthew Friend (U13) and Kanishka Agnihotri (U9) in our Saturday tournament the 18th of June.
   The players had good fun and showed that they have learned to play matches - with many good rallies!
   Unfortunately very few of our beginners at Belgian Gardens School came and besides Matthew none of the invited players turned up.

Our beginners in the newspaper!
We were in the Bulletin again - in the Junior Sports section. Her is a picture of the story - plus the words:
From the Bulletin.Table tennis: fun for beginners
BELGIAN Gardens State School students are finding out just how much fun table tennis can be.
Every Tuesday afternoon the Table Tennis Academy Townsville holds a beginner session at the school's multipurpose hall.
Members of the newly formed association spend an hour each week showing the kids how much fun table tennis can be.
President Terry Dahl said it was a great way for the kids to learn how to play table tennis and enjoy the fun of being active away from the tropical sun.
"Two of our beginners even played in the recent school championships in Townsville and even if brothers Dillon and Jack Navin did not win they gave the winners from Vincent School tough opposition in their last team match:
(Photo:) Belgian Gardens State School students enjoy table tennis lessons with Terry Dahl, below.
(Junior Sports, Tuesday, June 14, 2011 Townsville Bulletin

Olav was left out but the newspaper corrected the error:
- Sports Junior would like to apologise for not including Olav Dahl in last week's table tennis story.
The youngster along with David Fielding, Eliza Forster, Aaron Dawes, Patrick Harrison and Emily Fielding will be heading to Bundaberg for the State Titles later this month.
Olav won both under-13 years boys singles and under-15 years boys singles in the Townsville Open Championships on the weekend. He also won the mens B-grade singles and B-grade doubles.

(Junior Sports Sports shorts - Tuesday, June 14, 2011 Townsville Bulletin)
Olav won four titles in the Townsville Open!
Olav, Dillon. Jack and Aiesha..
Olav, Dillon, Jack, Aiesha
- and Aiesha, Dillon and Jack played in their first open tournament!
Young Olav Dahl did his best tournament so far with four event-wins at the Townsville Open Championships in the weekend 11 to 12 of June. He won U13 boys singles, U15 boys singles, B-grade singles and B-grade doubles (with Enoch Pun from Rockhampton).
   Three of our kids from the Belgian Gardens School group played in their first open tournament: Aiesha Forrest and the brothers Dillon and Jack Navin. They did not win any matches against their more established opponents but they did very well! It was also great to see that four of the six players in U13 wore our black uniforms - we were the biggest association when it came to the youngest players!

Jake Duffy serving at Olav in Brisbane Open 2011.
Jake Duffy serving in Brisbane Open
Olav did well in Brisbane Open
Our promising junior Olav Dahl did well at the Brisbane Open in the weekend 4-5 June by reaching the semi finals in both U13 and U15 for boys. He lost to the higher ranked Benjamin Gould from Brisbane in the semi finals in U13 boys but beat him later on in U15 singles. Also here Olav reached to the semi finals but lost to the Australian U13 champion, and winner of both U13 and U15 singles, Jake Duffy from the Gold Coast.
   Olav has been struggling a bit with health issues like throat infection and problematic knee caps, but is still improving his table tennis rating all the time.

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