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Skill Level Tests

Level 1; Basics, Level 2; Bronze Award, Level 3; Silver Award, Level 3; Gold Award
To try out for the awards the players will have to pass Level 1; Basics.

Level 1: Basics
1. Hold racket properly, know forehand and backhand sides.
2. Correct starting position.
3. Correct footwork sideways.
4. Bounce ball on forehand side, manage 25 bounces (1 minute test time).
5. Bounce ball alternate on forehand and backhand side, manage 10 bounces (1 min. test time).
6. Keep ball on racket walking all the way around the table (1 minute test time).
7. Basic rules; How to win a point, when do you loose a point, what is a serve, how many serves, what happens if the ball touches the net on the serve, when do you win a set (how many points), what happens if it is 10-10, how many sets do you play, how do you decide who will serve, what do you do after the match.

Level 2: Bronze Award
1. Manage 30 backhand pushes. 5 tries.
2. Manage 15 forehand pushes. 5 tries
3. Manage 15 forehand and backhand pushes cross. 5 tries.
4. Manage 25 forehand counter hitting. 5 tries.
5. Manage 20 backhand counter hitting. 5 tries.
6. Manage 15 Falkenberg footwork drill. 5 tries.
7. Manage a correct forehand-serve from backhand position; the ball shall bounce two times on other side. 5 tries.

Level 3; Silver Award and Level 4; Gold Award will follow!