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From: Terje Dahl [mailto:terje@sydhav.no]
Sent: Saturday, 4 December 2010 11:35 AM
To: 'Table Tennis Queensland'
Subject: Table Tennis Academy Townsville

North Ward, 4 December 2010.

It is my pleasure to announce that the establishment of Table Tennis Academy Townsville is under way. An interim committee has been formed and we are planning to start up the activities in the New Year. It will be a beginner's course for primary school kids and we will also try to arrange activities like tournaments and coaching.

Among the objectives of Table Tennis Academy Townsville are:
- To involve children in table tennis as a sport, with emphasis on fitness and competitive skills.
- To give the children, and also their parents, a positive feeling of social belonging to a sound, safe and pleasant environment.
- To help table tennis players of all races and backgrounds to achieve their maximum potential, first of all athletically, but also educationally and as individuals.

It is our wish that the members of the academy, besides from the beginners, also are members of Townsville Table Tennis Association. We sincerely believe that both cooperation and friendly competition between the two clubs can make the sport of table tennis prosper in our city.

Table Tennis Academy Townsville is still not incorporated with any table tennis bodies, this will come in due time. The first step was to get valuable information from the Sports and Recreation Officer of Townville and also the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Development Officer. Contact with a primary school has also been very fruitful, and the first beginners course will be an after school activity in co-operation with the school.

The important thing for the initial period has been, and still is, to finalize objectives and goals and get all the planning done in a proper way. It is still a lot of work to be done before the activities can get under way, but we feel we are getting there.

Terry Dahl
Table Tennis Academy Townsville
Interim President
Phone (office/home): 61-7-47723486
Mobile: 61-0431099274

North Ward, 12 December 2010.

Hey all of you!
Table Tennis Academy Townsville is under way! It is an independent association - and it aims to give a better offer to the table tennis players of the city. We will first of all look after junior players but senior players are welcome! We will try to arrange tournaments, initiate a league for the two associations, invite to team-matches - and also have proper coaching clinics and squads. Plus beginners courses and so on!

Membership fee: $10 a year (representative/club players must in addition pay the affiliation fee to QTT).
Coaching fee: 48 dollars for 8 weeks, paid in advance. We will start with one day in a week, a squad session of 2 hours (1 hours practise - 1 hour fixtures, or alternating with coaching and Fixtures).
Day: Thursdays 6.30-8.30 pm.
Venue: Belgian Garden State School's multipurpose hall, 43 Potts Street, Belgian Gardens.
Beginner course: We are starting a beginner's course for school children grade 1-7, Tuesdays 3.3-4.30. Start 1 February, free come-and-try day 25 January (same time).

Some established players might wonder how it would be for them to be members of the Academy and at the same time do some practising at the TTTA-venue and play Fixtures there. It should be no problem: It is possible to member of two associations. At this stage we have limited spots, so we can not take in everybody.
If you are interested, take contact with me by email and I can send you the objectives and rules of the Academy. Or give me a phone call or have a chat at TTTA - Olav and I will still be there!
Email: ttatownsville@gmail.com or terje@sydhav.no.
Phone (office/home): 61-7-47723486
Mobile: 61-0431099274
Terry Dahl