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Olav runningFirst boot camp:
- We should do this every time!
Said Dillon after our very first "Boot Camp" on the Strand.

Start at the wind-machine close to the Rockpool, then jogging down to the waterpark at the other end of the Strand - and then back again. Well, not everybody ran, Terry and his dog took it a bit slower and Lucky even refused to stroll further than the Strand park!
   - Well, we got our boot camps started, and that was the most important thing, said Terry after a 15 minutes fast walk.
   All the three younger participants got awards for their effort. They were the brothers Dillion and Jack Navin, and Olav Dahl. Olav was the first runner back again, closely followed by Jack.
   - We met a guy who wanted to ask us about table tennis, so we had a break in the middle, said Jack.
Jack, Dillon and Olav with awards.   Olav was running in his Academy uniform, and might be people were surprised to see a table tennis player run! Table tennis players in Australia are not used to fitness training, but Terry said that if you take table tennis as a sport and not just hobby then your fitness level is important:
   - It will in fact improve your table tennis skills and also make it more easy to hold a high level of intensity during practising sessions at the table!
   He also says that fitness training in a part of table tennis training in China and also all over the world:
   - My players in Norway were very fit, we did fitness training after every practising session, with running, strength and agility-training.
   Unfortunately it was not many players that turned up at the Strand yesterday, but it was first time and the Academy does not have that many members - not yet. It will come, though!
   - We will be running every Tuesday and Thursday at 5.30 pm until school starts, so come on guys! Terry said, - and you don't have to be a member of the Academy, everybody can join us!