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- Yes, we are rocking! Table Tennis Academy Townsville is under way! It is an independent association - and it aims to give a better offer to the table tennis players of the city. We will first of all look after junior players but senior players are welcome! We will try to arrange tournaments, initiate a league for associations, invite to challenge-matches and so on. We will also have proper coaching clinics and squads
- and start beginners courses.

Here is what we are aiming for:
Membership fee: $10 a year (representative/club players must in addition pay the registration fee to TTQ/TTA).
Coaching fee: 48 dollars for 8 weeks, paid in advance. We will start with one day in a week, a squad session of 2 hours (1 hours practise - 1 hour fixtures, or alternating with coaching and Fixtures).
Day: Thursdays 6.30-8.30 pm.
Venue: Belgian Garden State School's multipurpose hall, 43 Potts Street, Belgian Gardens.
Beginner course: We are starting a beginner's course for school children grade 1-7, Tuesdays 3.3-4.30. Start 1 February, free come-and-try day 25 January (same time).

The above is not yet 100 percent determined yet - we are waiting for the affiliation with TTQ to be confirmed so that we can make a proper agreement with the school.

Some established players might wonder how it would be for them to be members of the Academy and at the same time do some practising at the TTTA-venue and play Fixtures there. It should be no problem: It is possible be a member of two associations! At this stage we have limited spots, so we can not take in everybody.
If you are interested, take contact with me:
Email: ttatownsville@gmail.com or terje@sydhav.no.
Phone (office/home): 61-7-47723486
Mobile: 61-0431099274
Terry Dahl

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