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Thank you soooo much for putting up this article Terje.
My theory/ biblical truth about the giants is they came from the fallen Angeles mating with human females.
Since Angels can breath fire, fly ,control lighting and exctra ,this kinda shows where Zeus and the Greek gods came from.
Since also the fallen Angeles messed with DNA of creation, and did other things, it makes since where dragons came from ,fairys and exctra, and "aliens" .
This just shows are realty.

You may be interested to know that the Giants with red or fair hair were described in ancient Sumerian clay tablet records which have been translated.
Also that the original Egyptian Pharoahs were 70% the same genetically as white Europeans in the UK, they also had light fair hair or red hair and were tall.
Another question is how the Nevada Native Americans had a written language which is ancient Hebrew when they are so far from that area? From artefacts that were found where their 'Giants' lived.
On ancient Sumerian cylinder seals, Gods are depicted seated who are as tall as standing humans, which would make the Gods 8-9 feet tall at least!

The Amorites are the Martu Horsemen[Mara horse} of the tribe of Tubal as are also the Khazars from the sons of Kesedim of the sons of Tubal: all tall and blond men: and their city is Urfed of the Kesedim in Anatolia. And as where Abraham came from Ur of Mesopotamia was added into the picture after it modern discovery by the scholar: old scholars; knew that it was the Ur in Anatolia.. I have more information if you would like: or on Facebook under my name?
Frank A Fontana DC
Muslims believe in giants. Please see reference link below.
"Allaah created Adam and he was sixty cubits tall (90 ft) …
…. and everyone who enters Paradise will be in the form of Adam. People kept on growing smaller until now."
Kind regards,
Reezwan Premji
Calgary, Canada

Size relativity
Size and equation. T
here is a factual theory, a hypothesis built on logic and consequentual thinking, which contains a new undiscovered, or hidden Natural Law, what describes continuous enlargement of matter particles. What means basically, that any found bone is getting through millions of years larger. There can be everything recounted along an easy equation, what makes T-Rexes common animals, not higher than humans and all the reptiles second age family a common size animals. Same with the Human Giant bones. Next to the fact, along the theory, they were a normal size humans, just the skeletons made a stone got bigger, it is also a proof of existence of human race in very distant history of planet Earth. Counted in tens of million years at least. The equation is for every year is matter volume extened by 1/666000 of current volume... sounds strange, and mystically, still there is a reason for this... also it was counted along an estimation.
    A bit further explanation, how and why: Basically it comes out from a model of Universe, what makes the vacuum united one big thing, inside of which is the matter going from the middle to its edges and in the end gets out even from vacuum, where all the matter joins into unity and compresses previous vacuum to topmost compressed and makes it in a big bang split into particles of matter. It is never ending cycled proces of universe recycling, universe ages. During the travelling from the middle to edge is the matter compressed by vacuum and what more is in the middle of the big vacuum, more is compressed. So whatever was in deep past, the matter particles were smaller and also the distances were smaller. Like the distance of Earth to Sun in deep past was much smaller and the smaller Earth made from smaller particles was running faster around the Sun. Therefore one year lasted not 365,25 days but in the time of Tyrranosaurus Rex for example one year lasted approximately only 80 days.
About the equation. The equation works like this.
Let us take 250 million years old trilobite - Odontochyle.
250.000.000 * 1/666000 = 375
What means, the Odontochyle now found is 375 times bigger in volume. The size of its when it was alive would fit into nowadays size 375x.
T-Rex was let´s say 70.000.000 years in past, so his original volume would fit into nowadays volume 105x. What makes him tall like a big dog next to the giantish thing we see now.
Pretty much same it is with the feathered giant running birds like Chirostenotes, which is now supposed to be 3 metres tall, but after recounting we can see he was big like a chicken.
There are lots of indications making this logicalnowadays belief there lived huge monsters eating tons of food every day. The proportions did not change much never in history of the Earth, just the matter grows up so we see enlarged remains, what make us think, these things were larger.
Ondrej Dvorak
Ondøej Dvoøák
Brilliant research.
Gilgamesh was clearly quoted as being about 14 feet high and the Roman Emperor Maximus was a healthy 9 feet tall.
Experiments with increasing atmospheric pressure in fish tanks resulted in fish growing to twice normal size and living twice as long. This would be a key area of further research.
My view is that a large chunk of the earth's atmosphere was removed during the 10,850 BC cataclysm, and that up to that time there were much larger sized species including humans.
Edmund Marriage

Giants in the Bible
The reason the Jews were made to wonder in the desert for 40 years after God delivered them from the Pharaoh and parted the Red Sea is because they didn't believe God could help them defeat the Giants - the decendent of Anak and the ancestors of Goliath. That is the reason.
Juan Honglo

What you have with those bones are rare remains of the Anunaki. Malicious beings said to have created the Adamu, the first humans, nearly half a million years ago, said to inhabit the planet Nibiru, the Sumerians have a well documented accout of these Malevolent beings. As do the Egyptians, and many other Sofisticates of our ancient peoples, all of whom were far more advanced than we are today. Many cross breeds existed, however you seem to have a Second Generation Anunaki/Human hybrid. What a amazing find. Check out the hidden archives in Iraq to see if you can find a few archeological reports of other Anunaki. One whom was 36 feet tall!!! BTW, their skulls are elongated, that should help you understand the bone structure better.
Good Luck.
Duane Martin

Dear Terry
Have a look at this link and the article at
reading the article you will come upon this:
“She was 10 feet [3.03 metres] tall and had six fingers, but otherwise she looked completely like a human,” he says. “I told my wife all about it afterwards. She wasn’t too angry.”
I have made bold the description I found interesting.
Anyway keep up the good work. Have you read John keel's book,"Operation Trojan Horse" ? Cheers
Steven Camilleri
(The readers will also find this reply under my Six Fingers pages. Red)
Six Toes
After reading your article in nexus mag I decided to tell you about a story I know of a foot with six toes.
About ten years ago my girlfriends neighbour had a strange thing happen one night. The neighbour was woken up in the middle of the night by her son who was ten at the time rushing into her bedroom say that there was a brilliant light in his bedroom. The parents went into his bedroom to investigate what was going on but the light was gone. The strange thing was that towards the end of the boys bed was a large foot which had been burnt right through the blanket leaving a hole in the shape of a foot about 12inches long or maybe a little bigger. The strange thing was the foot had six toes.
The neighbour told my girlfriend and she told me and the neighbour invited us both over to look at it. I thought burning a hole in the blanket in the shape of a oversized foot should have set the blanket on fire but it didnt. Also you could see where the pressure marks had been like somebody had walked over the bed and burnt the imprint which was left behind.
I am not a professional person in these fields just a housewife but I didnt believe this incident to be made up. Many other strange things happened in that area an eventually most of the people who lived there moved away. This area was in northern NSW Australia.
Hope this info helps you. Reader of Nexus 16years.

Giants on earth..
Dear friend.. I am curious about a lot of things in many to mention.. anyways my english is not that good to explain my self. Talking about Giants on earth, have you ever heard of a man called phil schneider? if not, you should take a look at his story online, in one of the videos he mention a man that works in washington with the goverment and he said that this guy was tall had 2 hearts and had six fingers in each hand and toes,, interesting..i dont believe everything i read or hear but i like to keep an open mind..thanks for your website, keep the good work..

giants on the earth after the flood
All the giants or nephilim who were the offspring of the sons of god (or fallen angels who left their first estate) were killed with the flood of Noah's time, however their genetic line/gene pool was still on earth carried on through Noah's daughters in law at least one of them but not all three. That is why Joshua was ordered to kill all the people that inhabited the promised land because they were the descendents of the nephilim of old. The children of Israel killed all of them except those of Gath who voluntarily surrended so they wouldn't be killed. Goliath and his family was from Gath so no dought the hole area was inhabited with people who had inherited this genetic trait. The reason for killing these hybrids of the fallen angels/devils was to protect the line of the messiah from this polluted line of fallen angels. Some of these giants had six fingers and six toes 24 in all as did goliath's brother. Hope this little bit of info may of helped.

your site.. good
In my studies of the Giants of the bible, I have come across many facts that I have double and triple checked. My next level to verify the authenticity is to travel to these areas first hand (not in all cases) and to validate the information and see if anything else has been left out or left to obscurity.
    Why I believe that the evidence of Giants has been underminded is because they reveal an even darker truth - demons. According to the research I have done, the souls of the "Giants" or "Children of Renown and Legend" are why there are demons. One of Noah's son's (Ham?) wives was of the Giant decent. The notion of intermixing is very prevalent. The largest cache of Giant burial grounds seems to be north of Baghdad - Nimrod. These Giants, in a long lost link that I have not pursued as of to date, summarized that these northern Babylon Giants fled to the north to settle in Siberia, then traveled west to the northern Europe and are those known by the Norsemen as the Hoards, who they fought. They then went south (east) and what are known as Cyrus and Xerses (300) about 600 AD or so. Xerses was one of the final collections of these Giants (who seem to have fought against each other to vie for power/control). Their mode of operandi was to devour the resource of man and to enslave mankind.
    The problem with giants it seems is there morality (lack of), their intelligence with a healthy dose of arrogance, their highly developed extra sensory senses (which can be confusing to the thought process), and language. In studying the demons, I found that the Global Bankers (Rothschilds) were worshipers of such. I trying to figure out why, I am coming to a conclusion that this is why Globalism is on the rise. In their mid 1800 biographies the Rothschilds (formerly the Bauers) admitted openly to demonic worship. This coincides with the stories of Jesus being tempted in the desert by Satan (40 days 40 nights), where Satan temps Jesus saying "I show you the world, it is all yours, you need only to kneel down to me..." (same as the words of Xerses). And this would have just been conjecture if I had not happened on a book written by the professor of the American Eastern University Studies in Israel a book called the Dead Sea Scroll Caves. This author having no motivation other than to convey in a clear and unoscure manner the facts surrounding archeological evidence stated that it was the Rothschild of England who demanded the creation of the state of Israel. As a result, there was a delay in the Dead Sea Scroll finds for several months (6 or 8).
   In another line of research, I found that over 90 copies of the Book of Enoch were found in those caves. This Book was long lost and only a portion was discovered by Sir Bruce James in the late 1700's (28 chapters?) in Ethiopia, which he brought to Oxford University where a professor in Hebrew studies translated it into English by 1821. This book of enoch has information in it that may be the reason for Christianity to spread and disavow Giant finds and why the Bible compilers forbade that it be read - black listed. Without further details of the series of books I am intending on writing, this is as much information, which is only a sliver of what I have done to correlate the arguements as to why the "traditional authority" has tried at all cost to hide "who we are" and "where we come from" from the public at large.
   Congratulations on such an interesting site. I hope you will continue you work.
Best regards,

what´s up... salutes from mexico...
Hey, what´s up... i was reading your web page about giants... a friend of mine showed me some photos he took in a place named zona del silencio (zone of silence), there are some old paintings made by native indians, conchos indians i think... there is this handprint like, with six fingers... it´s really interesting...
And there is this other place in south baja california, here in mexico, named sierra de san francisco... there are several paintings too, according to legends of the natives, those paintings were made by giants... try to find some photos in google, you´ll see why they say those paintings were made by giants...
well, thats all... cheers... i hope you find useful this information...

What did you ask or tell me to do? Any thoughts about nephilim?
Perhaps mythology has more to do with history than most humans realize.
Perhaps there are certain beings (called grigori and watchers and more?) who had children (called nephilim and giants and titans and more?) with human women before and after a flood of water that covered the earth.
Perhaps there was a pretty technologically advanced preflood world and a number of things took place and a great flood occured for one or more very important reasons.
Perhaps we should be careful who we trust and not trust someone just because they have a flying saucer.
Perhaps reading sections of scripture can help us learn about various beings and more even if we read stuff well over two thousand years old.
Perhaps history is an interesting word and we are living during an interesting time. Perhaps it would not be unwise to expect more than one PSEUDOCHRISTOS related deception.
Perhaps I should think more about Yahushua (spelling?) and love and repentance... and less about grigori and nephilim and flying saucers and freemasonry.
Perhaps people can learn stuff by observing rainbows and waterfalls and fruits and flowers and butterflies and tropical fish and kitties... and by comparing the size of their legs to backs of horses and camels.
Perhaps people should ask themselves if they believe in the Creator of the heavens and the earth and if they believe the Creator of the heavens and the earth was born as Yahushua (spelling?) and if they believe Yahushua (spelling?) died for sins before resurrecting and ascending to heaven.
Perhaps hearts are more important than tongues, but perhaps I am far from convinced that He has ever actually called Himself Jesus. Perhaps He used and perhaps He uses a Hebrew Name for Joshua. Perhaps Yahushua is a good transliteration of a Hebrew name for Joshua.
Perhaps you have read a section of scripture called Zechariah 6:11-13 in context.
Perhaps there are words in something called Matthew 1:21 that suggest that it was originally in Hebrew or Aramaic and that suggest that He uses a Hebrew or Aramaic name for Joshua.
Perhaps Yahushua ben Nun (spelling?) and/or someone referred to as Joshua the son of Nun is referred to as Jesus in a number of translations of something called Acts 7:45, but perhaps it is pretty apparent that Jesus is not a good transliteration of a Hebrew name for Joshua.
Perhaps Yah is a good transliteration of yod-heh. Perhaps Yahu is a good transliteration of yod-heh-vav. Perhaps Yahushua is a good transliteration of yod-heh-vav-shiyn-ayin.
Perhaps reading sections of scriptures can help us learn about Yahushua (spelling?) and more even if we read stuff well over two thousand years old.
Perhaps we are living in a grand story and there is a big picture that is more marvelous and more full of purpose than any created being realizes.
Perhaps a minority of humans on earth today have heard of something called the Book of Enoch or of something called the Book of Jubilees. Perhaps we are living during an interesting time when men and women can find ancient texts online.
Perhaps repentance is the most underappreciated word in the English language that is not a Name and everyone should thank the Creator of the heavens and the earth today.
Perhaps I should love more and do a number of things less.

theory of giants
When reading the bible and learning about giants....i really had no knowledge of it until i started surfing on the net....with technology and this being the information is amazing!
When God spoke in genesis concerning these giants ....i really believed maybe within the eastern area....i had no clue as to the whole world had the same experience.....What a God we serve.....
My dad comes from a village in western samoa and as a child, him and his brothers dug up things ....being mischievous and all ....and he said they had discover giant bones that was beyond them.....well i will surely share the stories about other discoveries in the south pacific......tooo interesting...thank you soo much for sharing! of true revelation
Mele kalikimaka
Hannah Wright

Giants in the Earth
The Bible said in Genesis 6:4: "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown."
   The sons of God are simply angels who had rebelled against GOD and his law, and in the Chritian world they are known as "fallen angel". They were fallen from holiness and righteousness. In the "Book of Enoch", it mentioned specifically that there were 200 of these angels who came down and performed the abominable act of having sexual union with women.
   GOD had never intended for angels to breed with human being. To do so is like human being having sexual intercourse with an animal (beastiality).
The evolutionist will always reject the truth from the Bible because in doing it, they would have to acknowledge that GOD creates the universe and not evolution.

Six fingered Giants
No doubt you know the Bible speaks freiquently about Giants and six fingered ones aswell. There are also ancient stories all across the globe about the world flood and we can be here all day talking about the archealogical discoveries that confirm the Bible as a historically accurate document. Have you ever thought that maybee all that biblical stuff is actually true, and just as it says. I think the Bible has proven its credability often enough. Stop running from the truth because as it says, the truth will set you free.

I am glad to meet people who searching in this way to find the truth! We found on earth, that the deeper we go with history, the more bigger giants of humans, animals, insects and plants lived on earth. It is 100% exact as the Holy Quraan of Muslims as their Prophet Mohammad said. Allah created our father Adam 60m tall x 7m wide, the fist wheat corn was more bigger than 200000 corns of the time of Prophet Mohammad, the start creation day was so long as 1000 moon years of Prophet Mohammad time, and every thing started going shorter to words the last day of life on this earth! So , the mechanism of ecology in universe is the still standing of Earth and rotating of Sun around Earth causing days starting so long as Ice Age day ending with very short day. This is secret of changing
climate !!!
Best wishes
S Jamous
For more about giants take a look at my pages about six fingers !