I have received confirmation on the Lovelock-giants!
Lovelock skull and parts of skulls
Lovelock skull and parts of skulls
Lovelock giant skull confirmed by museum!

In 1911 several giant skeletons and ancient artefacts were supposedly fund in a cave in Lovelock in Nevada, USA. Almost everything was later lost in a fire but a skull is supposed to be found in the Humbolt Museum, Winnemucca. I send a request to the museum
- and they could confirm that they indeed do have a Lovelock-skull there!

When mining for guano in a cave in Lovelock, a small town about 80 miles north-east of Reno, the miners reportedly found mummies preserved in the dry bat-droppings. The mummies were large, from 6 and a half feet to more that 8 feet (2 to more than 2,5 meters), and they had red hair. They were reportedly lying in a layer of burnt material about four feet under the surface and there were also lots of broken arrows around the mummies. Before archaeologists could survey the findings most of it was gone or damaged - and a later fire where the artefacts were stored did no good either.

The Puite Indians of the area have legends about giants and how they killed them. The race of giants, the "Si-Te-Cah" , should have been white, red-haired, very tall cannibals, and the Indians started war against them when they entered their land.
A coalition of tribes managed to trap the last remaining giants in a cave and while shooting arrows at them they started a large fire at the mouth of the cave. They kept the fire going and shot everybody who tried to get out - until the giants were
Stan Nielsen outside Lovelock cave
Stan Nielsen outside cave
Dental model and jaw
Sandal found in the  Lovelock cave
Sandal found in the cave
Giant pestle found in the Lovelock cave
Pestle found in the cave

Dental model
One person that can tell, and show us, how large the skulls are is Stan Nielsen, he went to find the cave and the skull in the museum:
    "Prior to a subsequent trip to the area, I borrowed a full-sized plaster dental model of the lower teeth of a normal modern adult from a friend, who was also my dentist. I took the plaster model with me when I next visited the area, in the hopes
that I would be able to compare it with the jaw from one of the "giants." As I had hoped, the curator at the Winnemucca museum graciously allowed me to compare the plaster model with the jaw from the skull of one of the "giants" in the museum's collection. She placed the jaw down on her desk. I was allowed to place my plaster adult jaw next to jaw from the skull for purposes of comparison. The plaster model was much smaller than the jaw from the skull. In fact, the teeth of the jaw from the skull were almost twice the size of those of my plaster model. There were other factors , too, that distinguished it from today's humans."
Other skeletons
Other giant skeletons have reportedly been found in the area, in 1931 and 1936 - and even a skeleton measuring 8 feet 9 inches was supposedly found in 1965, buried under a rock
ledge along the Holly Creek in east-central Kentucky. All that is left today, as far as we know, are the skull and the scull parts in the tiny Humbolt Museum (and I am afraid they suddenly will be gone one day). The sensational artefacts are, believe it or not, kept in the backroom, but reports are telling that the staff will gladly show them to you if you inquire about them!

Latest news: I have received information that it no longer will be possible to have a look at the Lovelock-skulls at the museum. If you want to see a video of them - click here.
(It is the Humbolt Museum, not Nevada State Museum as written at the video-clip on Youtube).
Dental model placed
on top of the jaw
It also seems that the skulls are of normal size. This can easily be seen at the video (and even the picture when you compare to the coin). I have also made a photo-composite of the dental model and the jaw as you see to the right, and it is just an optical illusion that the jaw is much bigger!
I believe that the skeleton of the giant was removed at one stage, so what has been found later are normal sized skeletons!

From: Humboldt County Museum [mailto:museum@winnemucca.net]
Sent: 1. May 2008 03:20
To: terje@sydhav.no
Regarding: Lovelock Skulls
Dear Terry:
We do, in fact, have one of the Lovelock skulls. It was obtained years ago as part of a local collection.
Sorry about the delay!
Barbara Powell Humboldt Musuem

Dear Terje,
You may be interested to know that the Giants with red or fair hair were described in ancient Sumerian clay tablet records which have been translated.
Also that the original Egyptian Pharoahs were 70% the same genetically as white Europeans in the UK, they also had light fair hair or red hair and were tall.
Another question is how the Nevada Native Americans had a written language which is ancient Hebrew when they are so far from that area? From artefacts that were found where their 'Giants' lived.
On ancient Sumerian cylinder seals, Gods are depicted seated who are as tall as standing humans, which would make the Gods 8-9 feet tall at least!.
I found your article interesting!

I just happened to be in the neighborhood, in Winnemucca that is, so I stopped by the museum to see if they really did have a giant skull there. Turns out they have 4! There are not on display, however. I first searched the museum for them & when I only found a few artifacts by the Lovelock Cave exhibit I asked the elderly lady there who was watching the museum if there were any large skulls found with those artifacts. She smiled & said that she did certainly know about them & led me to a storage room just next to her office, where she opened up a cabinet on the wall & showed me 4 large skulls. She told me that people come from all over the world to that little museum in Winnemucca just to ask about these giant skulls, and that they aren't allowed to display them openly because "the state does not recognize them." I asked her where the rest of the remains were & she said that the bodies to those skulls & the bodies with red hair were taken to Berkeley a long time ago for examination, and are also not publicly displayed. She didn't know exactly why the government won't recognize them but I can see 2 possible reasons: #1 A coverup or #2 They are tring to be careful with any possible Indian human remains on display because once a tribe claims them they can be taken away. She then went on to tell me the story about how the Piutes told the story of when they once warred with a giant red headed people & trapped some of them inside that cave. The actual cave in Lovelock, she said, has also been recently opened to the public by the BLM. These skulls were pretty awesome to see in person. If you happen to be passing through Winnemucca you should definately stop for a few minutes & check it out!

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