I was supposed to be with the History Channel to Catalina Island but...
Terry in the TV-series "Search for the Lost Giants":
- I don't believe in a "giant hunter curse"!

Terje filmed in the hospital bed.
- a new series by History Channel: Stonemasons Jim and Bill Vieira are on a quest to investigate an incredible theory: that the myths and legends we've all been told about giants are actually rooted in fact

History Channel is showing a new series called "Search for the Lost Giants". Our editor Terry Dahl was presented as an explorer and researcher in an episode called "The Giant Curse". He was supposed to be with the main-characters Jim and Bill Vieira to Catalina Island but ended up being filmed in the hospital instead!

When Terry went out of the plane after the long flight from Australia he could not breathe and was rushed to the nearest hospital. Blood clots had moved from his legs to the lungs. The doctors told Terry that he was lucky to survive.
    After the episode was shown there has been some controversy: People are asking if Terry was cheating showing a tooth of an animal and presenting it as a tooth of a giant, and how he can believe in a curse for people hunting for giant bones.
Here is an interview with Terry:

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Terje and Nan Madol wall
A young Terry at Nan Madol where giants bones are said to have been found.
Terje and the kings backrest
Terry and a ancient king's backrest in Tonga
Bill and Jim Vieira in "Search for the Lost Giants"
Bill and Jim Vieira in "Search for the Lost Giants"
Professor Lee Berger Berger showing giant bone.
Berger showing bone
Vekua on Russian news
Vekua on Russian news
The grave of Te Valu
A giant's grave in Tuvalu
Chief of Fiji, 2.30
Kaliova Seleiwau
Bill with the tooth
Bill with the tooth
shown at History Channel
The Denisovan tooth
from the cave
From the Denisova cave
From the Denisova cave
- with
bracelet found
From an old newpaper - giant found on Catalina Island
Thor Heyerdahl
Thor Heyerdahl
Terry with picture of the Lovelock-skulls
Terry with picture of the Lovelock-skulls
Terry, were you happy to take part in the Show?
- I must admit I was very sceptical to say yes. I was afraid that they would dramatize too much and ridicule my research!
So you were not afraid of the giant hunter curse?
- I do not believe in curses like that. But I must admit I was a bit afraid that somebody might harm me to prevent me from taking part in the series.
Why is that?
- I have been told by archaeologists and others that to research on what we call giants can be dangerous.
Did they explain why?
- No. But we have many samples that scientists have lost their jobs, been threaten and physically harmed because of their research on ancient human history!
You say in the episode that you are afraid of the curse?
- Bill, Jim and I were making jokes about what the brothers called the "giant hunters curse" but it was only clever editing that made it seem like I thought is was something supernatural about giants!
So it is nothing mysterious about them?
- My point of view is that what we call giants was a species of Homo sapiens that were very tall, a race that died out.
Why did they die out and when?
- This is the interesting part. We know that we had a race of humans that was tall; we have fossil bones after them, but they lived about 300.000 years ago.
Who were they?
- Well, in the episode I ask if they could have been Denisovans but the world famous professor Lee Berger believes they might have been Homo Heidelbergensis. But they could also have been any hybrid of homo species, like a cross between Denisovans and Neanderthal.
And they just died out?
- If they were hybrid they might have had problems getting babies.
And died out 300.000 year ago?
- Well, this is the tricky and interesting part, Legends and scriptures tell that they lived up to much more resent years. But they seem to have been predominantly male; might be they only could get babies with our species; that their blood was slowly thinned out, so to say.
Any other reason you can see?
- Many legends and scriptures also tell that some giants were survivors of a world wide catastrophe; a cataclysm like a flood.
Can you give examples of giants in more resent history?
- Well, Goliath of the Bible might be an example for somebody, he was said to be one of the last of his kind in that area. But I feel like it is more relevant to look at people that say that they are descendants of the giants - like the royal/chiefly families of the Pacific that marries within the family to keep the blood after the tall Gods.
Who, any names?
- King Tupou IV of Tonga, who died in 1996 was 2 meters tall, and his mother Queen Salote just some centimetres shorter! Kaliova Seleiwau is of a royal family in Fiji and he is 2.31 m (7 feet and 7 inches) tall!
Giantism caused by sickness?
- No, physically very healthy and fit people; not like Robert Wadlow and other tall persons with disease to the pituitary gland!
What about the tooth you are showing in the episode - some say that it is from an animal and not a human?
- Well, the producer gave me the tooth while I was in the hospital bed just before the camera started rolling and told me it was a replica of the Denisova tooth. I am not a vet or a doctor, and I had no chance to check. I remember I thought it looked a bit different from the Denisova tooth I had seen picture of, but it was found two teeth in the Denisova cave and it might be a replica of the other one! The archaeologists first thought that the Denisova tooth was from an extinct cave bear, so it must be allowed to do a mistake here!
Why did you agree to take part in the series if you were sceptical?
- Well, Jim Vieira is very serous about finding the truth about what we call giants and I was hoping that the show could get the publics attention to what seems to be a not very known part of human history - and that I could be able to get the Denisovans into the picture.
Do we have any proof that the Denisovans have been living in the US?
- Native Americans have around 0.2% Denisovan ancestry and it seems that in modern humans the frequency of Denisova DNA is the highest among North American Indians followed by Europeans.
So this is why you believe that the Denisovans are the lost giants of USA?
- They might be or they might not be. What I am hoping is that descendants of the first settlers to the USA after seeing the show will come forwards with old large bone that was found in Indian mounds, so that they can be sequenced for DNA before they are repatriated.
They called you a giant hunter - are you a giant hunter?
- He-he-he…well; I am not running around looking for giants! But I am trying to find out what happened to this human race. I believe that is important that we can get the answers!
- Thor Heyerdahl of the Kon-Tiki fame was his whole life trying to find the origins of human culture and he asked me if we humans could have gone almost extinct one or several times in prehistory, and he wondered if we could have been the culprits ourselves, as so many legends and religious scriptures say. He was afraid we were doing the same mistake again through our use of fossil fuels - he saw climate change all over the world.
So you are not into a research on giants to make big money?
- I have done my private research for 10 years now - and I am not selling dvd's, films, books or giving speeches about giants. I am doing this of my own interest and because I feel it might be important - it is only costing me time and money!
So if they ask you to come back to be part of another episode; will you do it?
- I have not been able to see all the episodes, living in Australia, but I am a bit afraid that the objectives behind the series might be the opposite of finding the truth about giants. But if I can help getting our hidden part of our human history out to the general public then I will always be willing, because as Heyerdahl said: "To say something about the future you must know the past".


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I know giants are real! The facts are right in your face.
Howard Davis

There is a past history of giants living on the earth. There is evidence, sites and readings. I hope that it is not continued ignored. I have been reading about the past existence of Giants for a while now. I have six fingers and I researched regarding the origin. It always take me back to the bible story. I would love to know more about the origins, life and what happened to them. It is very interesting.

Anything is possible. I also believe in ufo sightings
N junkin

I love History and any good mystery. The Search for Lost Giants show is great. Something new and exciting. I have read and seen a few things about Giant beings from the past, but after watching the show and doing some research of my own, I can't believe how much more info. there is about this phenomenom. Obviously there is something to it, as it is a world wide belief. And cases, bones,skeletons,remains and oral traditions have been recorded all over the globe. It also seems that there is a lot of skepticism and cover-ups in the US. Probably because of religious and historical documentation where it doesn't exactly fit. It's too bad that a lot of the physical evidence is being hidden or destroyed, especially since with DNA we could find out a treasure of information about the human development and evolution. I do think that the museums have specimens that are hidden in their vast storage areas. (like the Lovelock-skulls) Most of the time when people find something unusual they either donate the piece to the Museums or are asked to donate it. I hope this show brings more light on this subject to people and thus info and
maybe some specimens will emerge. Thanks for all the information you have inquired and shared via articles and the internet. The show needs to go on. I was just getting into it and season 1 is over!!!!!! :( There better be a season 2, can't wait to see what's in that Goshen tunnel. And in the tomb of the 8' warrior. I'm jealous that Bill and Jim can go on these awesome adventures. Good luck!!! LOVE THE SUBJECT AND THE SHOW...

This is very informative and hopefully it will get people into the archaeology bug so that they are encouraged to visit ancient sites and to comb the hills, documenting their finds. Things turn up in the strangest places.
Doug Gibson

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