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Why did the pharaohs of Egypt have fake beards?
The pharaohs of Egypt are often depicted with fake beards. The theory is that the beard was a symbol of their connection to the gods. But also the ancient gods had false beards, so where did they get this idea from? Could it be that they tried to look like Denisovans from Siberia - a human species that had a very advanced technology?

The first pharaoh was Menes, also called Narmer. He united upper and lower Egypt and became the king. This shall have happened about 3100 BC. On the so-called Namer-palette he is depicted very tall, much taller than the enemy he pulls by the hair. Menes/Narmer has a false beard on the palette,
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Narmer plaette
Narmer palette
Hatshepsut with beard
Amun Ra
Amun Ra
Gods and kings
Gods and kings of Egypt
Tutankhamun - fake beard
Tutankhamun - fake beard
Denisova cave
Altai Mountains
Modern human and Denisova skulls
Human and Denisovan
and also on other depictions.
Of other famous pharaohs are Ramsesses II, Akhenaten, Amenhotep III, Ahmose I and of course the boy-king Tutankhamun. All of them often with false beards - as most of the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Yes, even the female pharaoh Hatshepsut is depicted with a fake beard! The fakes beards, called postiche, were usually made of metal and were held in place by a ribbon over the head. This fashion shall have existed from about 3000 to 1580 BC and was a sign of royalty and a connection to the gods.
Like humans
So what about the gods that they tried to look like - were they bearded? Well, the strange thing is that they also are depicted with false bards! Like Amun Ra and Ptah - they definitely have fake beards! Another strange thing is that the gods look like humans, even if they sometimes are depicted with heads of animals.
Among people
The gods of ancient Egypt did not live in a theological heaven but walked around on Earth. They were living among the people and helped them to develop their societies - taught them how to do farming and fishing, gave them the art of painting and writing. The most visible difference was that they were taller than ordinary people. And that their facial features were more European, or even Nordic, than the people of Egypt. They also had much lighter skin.
There were lot of gods in Egypt in ancient times - more than 2000 of them! They not only looked like and lived with ordinary people, and they also had also had sex with them! Yes, the sexual habits among the gods would have raised eyebrows today. The male gods are described to rape the female gods - and have sex with whomever they wanted! Yes, the mythical gods often married and had children with their own siblings. The pharaohs followed up this custom - to keep the blood after the gods!
Well, even today we find a similar custom in several countries- the kings have to marry royal females! Even in the Christian Bible we can read "the sons of God (originally in plural: Gods) saw that the daughters of men were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose."
The pharaohs of Egypt wanted to look like the gods and made metal beards to look like them (the ordinary people of Egypt were clean shaven). But why did the gods have fake beards? Who did they try to look like? Can it be that the gods were another race of human beeings?
In the Christian scriptures we can read that God lives in heaven. A theological heaven. But the Bible also says "God(s) in the highest". So what if the gods not descended from a theological heaven but came from a place high up - from a mountain? We had an other race of humans that came from mountains - the Denisovans from the Altai Mountains of Siberia!
Bigger brain
The Denisovans (Denisova hominins) looked like humans but were taller and had a much bigger brain. And they had a technology that was very advanced for the time. They were sowing their clothes, making drawings and even riding horses. Could it be that something happened in a distant past that made them move away from the mountains? Might be a natural catastrophe like climate change, might be caused by large meteorites hitting our planet? Might be only male Denisovans were able to escape the catastrophe? Were some of them hiding in the Denisova cave when the catastrophe struck?
Denisova hybrid
During digging in the Denisova cave in 2010 they found a toe bone that was contemporary with the Denisova finger bone. And later they found bones that showed that that there was a hybrid progeny of a Denisova father and a Neanderthal mother! Were these hybrids the gods of ancient times? Human looking but taller and with a bigger brain?

We do not know what the Denisovans and looked like but might be their beards were braided not to get it in their eyes what they rode out hunting? Might be the pharaohs of Egypt copied their look in hope of getting them to come back and help them again?


Terje Dahl 2021.

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