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The world's largest online magazine about the South Pacific - and it is Norwegian!

"It is not only those
who dream of
travelling to the South Pacific who read our online magazine"
Sydhav ("South Seas") is the world's largest online magazine of its kind. Here you get all possible information about countries and islands of the South Seas - something which is needed since the internet lacks Norwegian and foreign websites with information about the islands of the Pacific. Those that do exist tend to have little information - and often contain many errors. We know the South Pacific inside and out, and take pride in providing the most information about the dream islands - in addition to constantly bringing exciting articles.
Sydhav - creates growing interest
Sydhav ("South Seas") revives the lost love in everyone's hearts for travelling to the utopian sandy islands. People in Norway travel more and more, discovering new and exciting destinations. For most people, travelling to the South Pacific had been a dream; something you have believed is an unattainable. Well, it is allowed to dream - and to read about the South Pacific on the web and attaining a virtual immersion is free. But Sydhav ("South Seas") does more than get people to dream away to the sandy white beaches and swaying palms. We have created a growing interest in South Pacific and made people understand that South Pacific indeed is a destination that not only belong to dreams - it is possible to travel there!
A unique advertising medium for travel-related products
It is becoming increasingly important to advertise in a medium where the product you are selling belongs to. Sydhav ("South Seas") has a target group for all travel-related products - people who are interested in travelling, and who would have use for the product you're advertising. It is not only those who dream about the South Pacific who read our online magazine, therefore creating an even larger advertising platform!
With an editor who is an expert on the South Pacific
The editor of "Pacific Online" is Terje Dahl, the man who is known for being the most knowledgeable Norwegian when it comes to the South Pacific. Not only has he visited the majority of the countries and islands, he also lived there for many years and is married to a Polynesian chief's daughter! Terje Dahl has published four books about the South Pacific and written numerous articles - and he appears frequently on the radio, newspapers and television.

Favourable advertising prices
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